Spigot [Discontinued] SBA for Screaming Bedwars | [1.9.4 - 1.17] 1.5.5

Extend gameplay for Screaming BedWars users!

  1. I got SimpleInventories and I read the wiki, I'm sorry I'm not great with this stuff I don't understand what to do
  2. Try asking on the discord server
  3. Ah that's because the custom shop inventory in sbahypixelify removes the footer glass and sets the header glass to row 2

    What you could try is open the screaming BedWars shop.yml file and move the elements down by 1 row. That'll take care of it .Or you'll have to wait for a new update
  4. I think I will wait for a new update, thanks
  5. @pronze I found another bug

    I have the prevent-villager damage on true

    But the tnt sheep can make damage to him
  6. How can I make iron golems attack other teams? When I place one, the iron golem doesn't attack other teams.
  7. This issue has been fixed in the some recent update, use the latest version of the addon.

    Can you check if this happens without the addon installed?
  8. I use the latest version of the addon and screaming bedwars and doesn't work
  9. I will look into this issue then
  10. Please add databases
  11. Hi, It says that the armor will load when you die but it dosen't work can you please help me,thx
  12. Hi I can’t get the permanent Armor to work. By default I get no Armor or sword after respawn I’ve managed to make it give me leather Armor and a wooden sword by changing give-respawn-items: true and copying the game start items to where it says given-player-respawn-items: [] but I can’t get it to save your Armor if you upgrade it to iron Armor (btw sorry if it’s not exactly what the lines are called but you can probably get the idea)
  13. @exoknight This is currently a bug many users have reported, I'll have it fixed soon!
  14. @exoknight Bug has been fixed!, try out the latest version
  15. Thanks a ton!
  16. The shops turn into normal villagers around the 5 minute mark and the iron golems sit in place. I cant find the discord link people keep talking about either.
  17. Wow that's weird send over your server logs in private message and I'll look into it
  18. TNT Sheep do not show up in shop.
  19. Generator Upgrades also don't work.

    Permanent Armor also seems to be not working :c
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