Spigot [Discontinued] Waterfalls! 1.4b

Create waterfalls with particle and sound effects easily!

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    Waterfalls! - Create waterfalls with particle effects easily!

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  2. Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot to mention this plugin requires ParticleLib.
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    The Sounds Update!

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  4. I like the particles to be honest!
  5. Maybe, but it doesn't appear to have a force option which is how I allow view distances over 16 blocks in the config
  6. Please update to the latest release immediately - the previous one has a glitch that creates a long error and in some rare cases can corrupt a world.

    I apologize for all of the updates today since I didn't realize that the first performance update (1.2(_FIXED)) had a critical error in it from asynchronous editing. Please update immediately!
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    1.2(_FIXED) Users: Update now! Very Important!

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  8. Found a bug that's a lil troublesome D:

    If you set the minblock height too low, you'll get an infinite spawn of particles even when the water is taken away...Only way to get rid of it is to increase the minblock height and remake a waterfall falling on the same place, then delete the waterfall source to reset it. :<
  9. How low did you set it?
  10. I set it to 1 :<
  11. Ok thanks for the info, working on a fix right now. Shouldn't be hard - I think I just forgot a +1 somewhere xD

    EDIT: I just tried it, and it works as it is supposed to. What do you mean infinite stream of particles?

    EDIT 2: Wow OK just figured it out... I can't believe I overlooked that... :confused:

    EDIT 3: Please try the latest update.
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  12. Tried it, works perfect! ^^ Thanks!
  13. is there an ingame /reload config for this plugin?, otherwise it is amazing!
  14. No there is not currently, I'll add that soon.
  15. The current sounds are a little too much for me, so I was wondering how I would be able to change the sounds the the Ambient rain weather sound? I personally think I sounds a lot more soothing.

  16. when a new waterfall is created al works fine. but when the plugin reloaded the effects disapear magicly..u only could stop the waterfall and reactivate it..is it possible to fix this?
  17. There should be a way to edit the configuration file so it plays rain instead. I can write a configuration for you if you want.

    Do you mean like from /reload or from an actual stop and restart? I don't plan to support /reload, it causes too many glitches, and consumes almost all of the servers memory. I will be adding a configuration reload command some time this week, probably tomorrow.