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  1. There’s a variable in the file called APPEAR_OFFLINE. You can set that to false if you want the bot to appear online. Either way it’s still running and able to accept commands though.
  2. Thanks.
  3. I guess I could be over thinking it a tad but is it reliable or is there a chance if used in the wrong hands someone could steal a bunch of info from one’s PayPal account?
    Besides that it seems like an amazing bot and I’ll use it if I can be sure nothing can go with it. Keep up the good work!
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  4. That Discord Bot is using the PayPal api. He can't steal into your PayPal account in any way.
  5. I have an opinion. Can you add it so that I can add multiple roles? Resource ID:role1:role2 form
  6. I can look into adding that!
  7. The owner of the bot needs to enter a generated paypal api key that is unique to their own paypal account. If you gave away your api keys to someone they could access a bunch of info but I would recommend not sharing them with anyone.
  8. Well this program/script does cache (I presume file-based?) paypal email addresses which are already verified. So if someone is able to access the file where those are stored, they do find some people's emails. Then again they would also find the API key which already allows them to fetch that data anyway, so not much of a risk I would say.
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  9. Correct. its a local file. If the attacker has access to your local system files you have bigger problems.
  10. Haha definitely agree with that.
  11. Failed to verify PayPal purchase. is displayed. I have done all the settings.
  12. Did the email you are trying to validate buy within the last 3 years? You may want to add some print statements to see where things are going wrong for you.
  13. How?
  14. Great resource! I've worked on a similar bot but relying on SpigotBuyerCheck from Maximvdw to check if the username is a buyer and then sending an automatic PM through spigot with a verification code and saving users already verified into a database. Currently it isn't working because seems like something on spigot buyers website has changed and SpigotBuyerCheck doesn't work anymore. If anyone knows a way to fix this issue I'll be happy to share the source code.
  15. The bot is not working. Users keep failing to verify. The same thing happens even when the correct information is written. This is definitely a problem with your code. please fix
  16. Bot is open source, fix yourself
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