Spigot Discord Fire Bot 1.0.3 BETA

This is a skript that runs a custom discord bot on ur server

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    Discord Fire Bot - This is a skript that runs a custom discord bot on ur server

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  3. @Tlsslurp
    "Version: 1.0.2 BETAJust to note, not all addons may be needed but if the user below me actually took a second to think he would have read the page and followed the instructions. After looking at the file (with no reading setup) I was able to figure out how to set it up. Even though technically he pulled code form my plugin and edited it his setup is different then mine.."
    At the time I posted my review, there was absolutely no information on this page. He added it AFTER I posted my review.

    "I wasn't going to review this as I am a "contributor" but I think that people who don't think like the user below me really shouldn't have permissions to review as it's people like them who cause put bad reviews on good plugins because of their own issues."
    I put a bad review because this Skript is bad. It does absolutely nothing. It has 3 both commands that are 90% useless. You can put all the info about your server in a channel for your members to see. No need to have a bot to just show your servers website and IP address.
  4. And? Someone could find this useful and want these features. If you don't want to use it just move on. If I went to every plugin not useful for me and reviewed it badly I'd probably get a warning. The skript itself works as intended right? Okay so it works 5/5. Do you need it? No? Don't use it.
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