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    That is not how discord slow-mode works. Slow-mode affects all users except users with Manage Channel or Manage Messages permissions attached to them for the specific channel or per their role.

    Snippet from my discord on how slowmode works:
    Before I get replied on why I have an Announcements Channel, My discord has a Developer License attached to my guild.
  2. I'm pretty sure there are bots that can do a more flexible slowmode. Might be too much trouble for what it's worth though.
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    Spigot does automatically turn on slow mode in the channel if someone is spamming the chat temporarily and will go back to normal. Their question was to do it for unverified users only and it wont work that way, but you do bring up a good idea, but it will be quite messy way of doing it.
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  4. Bumping this thread, does anyone else have input on these suggestions?