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  1. Recently, we have decided it was time to ditch Skype. We had three main reasons for this: Popular vote over Slack within the staff team (I'm not going to get into Slack), better communication with the server owners and Skype losing crucial abilities such as moderated chats.

    About 24 hours ago we were brainstorming and now we have a fully functioning Discord for our staff team. Within the past 12 hours we were able to move about 90% of our staff to the Discord with a very high approval rating. We feel that Discord will be a major win and within the next week staff should be fairly comfortable communicating on this new platform.

    One major reason we switched was due to the fact that our owners weren't really able to communicate with staff that well. By creating this Discord, the owners and staff members have already positively stated that that communication has definitely gone up. The owners had so much going on in their own Skypes and individually communicating with staff was not working out. This is a big plus personally as I feel the owners communication with staff is one of the most important aspects of running a server.

    Another major reason we switched is because Skype lacked support in areas such as Moderated chats. Last summer, Skype fully switched to the cloud and P2P/moderated chats were removed. This was a major setback for Skype. Discord allows us to moderate chats agains which is much needed for a staff our size (almost 50 members).

    Lastly, the reason we switched was due to the popular vote being Discord over Slack. We discussed about both options within the admin team, but ultimately took the decision to the staff team. In this case the majority vote won.

    Overall, this switch was a major win. The staff team is fairly happy with it and we even have some special little additions to spice the Discord up for the team.

    Now I ask you guys. Do any of you use Discord over Skype for your staff team? Even your community? What do you feel are the pros and cons in your community? I would love to hear back from some of you guys down below :)
  2. Well, i'm a part of a small comunity and we left mumble for discord for everyone.

    - Easy to invite someone. just have to click on a link and bam, he's there. And this, without leaving his other rooms. (but you can use micro only on 1 room)
    - Never seen something easier to configure. Less than 10 click you create a new textual/vocal chan for members, groups, staff etc ...
    - Sharing screenshot and co easly. seen something funny, did something huge ...

    - atm had just one problem of someone who sent "games" (keylogger/trojan) on our chat ...
  3. Disable file sending then ;)
  4. Did it ^^
    But really was a surprise.
  5. JamesJ


    We use Slack currently, however, our Discord server does have a #staff channel just for basic staff messages.
  6. Tbh, I really hate skype. It is ugly, ad filled and pretty glitchy. 50% of the time, the search feature just doesn't work and you can't find anyone that you are actually looking for. Then theres the ads. Then theres the design. I absolutely hate how skype looks. It just looks aweful imo. Anyway, my server has used discord from day one. I doubt we will be switching anytime soon either. I haven't tried slack but from what I've heard, it seems alright.
  7. I use Discord and Skype and also have a Slack account but never use it. x)

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