Spigot Discordia 1.5.1

Creates a chat bridge between discord and minecraft.

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    Discordia - Creates a chat bridge between discord and minecraft.

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  2. Hey! I'm having an issue with Discordia, messages sent from Discord to MC are throwing a bunch of exceptions and the message never makes it.
    Here's a screenshot:
    Minecraft > Discord works just fine, however.

    Latest Spigot 1.12.2 build, fairly new to using this stuff in general so I'm willing to accept that it's something I'm doing wrong
  3. Update: changing that string in the default format seems to fix it. It works for now but a way to get the colors to work with this updated snippet would be nice bc I've never seen or played with YAML code until today :p
  4. I only tested the plugin on 1.13 as it is stated in the plugin overview. I guess something changed.
    I'll fix in next update
  5. Nice plugin! I have the same error two messages higher. Bridge from Minecraft to Discord works correctly.
  6. So, I setup an application and added a bot to the application, I went to the bot tab and copied the token.The only problem is when I save it and reload discordia I get a console log saying could not connect and it's asking me to put in the token id...
    on top of that I get these two lines in console:

    06.08 00:12:26 [Server] ERROR Cannot load plugins/Discordia/config.yml 06.08 00:12:20
    [Server] WARN Unable to login to discord, please edit the plugin configuration and add a discord bot token.
  7. so the original yml code is
    Code (Text):
    format: "&f[&9Discord &f- &b{2}&f]&r {&f{3}&r} &r<{0}>: {1}"
    I changed it to
    Code (Text):
    format: "&f[&9Discord &f- &b{2}&f]&r &f{3}&r &r<{0}>: {1}"
    and now chat from Discord to Minecraft works perfectly.
    There were extra curly brackets, that's all.