Standalone DiscordMusicPlayer 3.4.4

Play music on discord fingers in the nose :D

  1. wait i'm a lil confused, so with this you can play music on a discord channel? i'm guessing randomly?
    also whats this to do with minecraft? is it area specific or what?
  2. With that you can play music on discord channel. In future update, you'll can add music from mincraft with command
  3. Love the bot

    1. when you load the playlist it kind of glitches out and says the song name and flickers with No Music (in the .exe)
    2. also if theres a way to remove
    Playing powered by DiscordMusicPlayer (that pops up at points)
    I would not mind donating for that
    3. Loop Mode maby
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  4. I will make the .exe in c# when I have the time. I work a lot and I don't have a lot of time to concecrate to this project.
    "2. also if theres a way to remove
    Playing powered by DiscordMusicPlayer (that pops up at points)"
    It's a little ads for people want to know how the bot is running.
    "I would not mind donating for that"
    It's up to you. I don't force people to make a donation.
    I do this on a voluntary basis but donations are welcome.
    This helps me and it encourages me to make more updates for each add request.
    "3. Loop Mode maby"
    I work on. It will be in the next update.

    Thank you for your comment that we would have done without.


    I'm not naughty but I don't like this style of comment.
    I do this for free by passion, not for money.
    Don't judge me without knowing me.
    Have a nice day.
  5. I get that totally. Thanks for the response.
    - Noodles
  6. Click a song in the list to play it right away.

    Automatically displays the song title in the chat window when the music is changed.

    Keep list when stopped

    Good program thanks.
  7. love it! Best music player ever
  8. nice music player


    hope will support wav again :D
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  9. Oh my god.
    I forgot to add the wav in the filters.
    I fix that faster as possible
  10. any tutorials? Don't quite get how to use this
  11. Hey, I would help you with a german translation :)