Spigot DiscordSRV 1.24.0

A Minecraft to Discord and back linkage plugin.

  1. You have multiple DiscordSRV jars in your plugins folder

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  2. Is it possible to not show the server login/logout messages for specific people? For example, I don't want admins showing up there.
  3. discord.silentjoin
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  4. discordsrv.silentjoin, discordsrv.silentquit
  5. O sorry.... :)

    [17:51:23] [Server thread/INFO]: [DiscordSRV] Spieler CCCCarsten hat den Server mit discord.silentquit Berechtigung verlassen, es wird keine Nachricht gesendet :p
  6. Odd, issue with the German translation. Fixed, thanks.
  7. i added this plugin to my server and every 20 minutes the server crashes because it and it says something with: "Illegal plugin and scammed thing"
  8. Yep, that's definitely not DiscordSRV.
  9. How to sync Group —-> role???? Please
  10. I really wanted to like this plugin but I have no idea why we have to use a 3ed party website to Authorize the bot, no other plugin I have ever seen does this, can you explain 100% what this site is doing please ? and why it's even needed
  11. It does nothing more than builds the URL for you. It's a convenience thing. Go look at the page's source. https://hastebin.com/lanavuyeka.html
  12. Thanks for the reply I will have a look at this one soon on a test bed, I do love discord to (insert app/tool here) mods and apps :)
  13. Not sure if its just my config but does the plugin have the ability to remove the role granted to a player when they link their account if they then unlink it?
  14. I'm having the issue where when i try /discord link it says Contact your Administrative team unable to link I've done all the steps all the config steps all the creating app and bot I just need it link to work im running Spigot 1.11.2 using 1.16.1 of the plugin I don't know if thats it though
  15. warn
    Code (Text):

    [20:23:08 WARN]: [JDA MainWS-ReadThread] ERROR github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.jda.core.requests.WebSocketClient - There was an error in the WebSocket connection
    [20:23:08 WARN]: github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.json.JSONException: Duplicate key "guild_id"
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.json.JSONObject.putOnce(JSONObject.java:1313)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.json.JSONObject.<init>(JSONObject.java:215)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.json.JSONTokener.nextValue(JSONTokener.java:380)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.json.JSONObject.<init>(JSONObject.java:215)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.json.JSONObject.<init>(JSONObject.java:319)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.jda.core.requests.WebSocketClient.handleBinary(WebSocketClient.java:1129)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.jda.core.requests.WebSocketClient.onBinaryMessage(WebSocketClient.java:1087)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.ListenerManager.callOnBinaryMessage(ListenerManager.java:368)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.ReadingThread.callOnBinaryMessage(ReadingThread.java:270)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.ReadingThread.handleBinaryFrame(ReadingThread.java:990)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.ReadingThread.handleFrame(ReadingThread.java:749)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.ReadingThread.main(ReadingThread.java:108)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.ReadingThread.runMain(ReadingThread.java:64)
    [20:23:08 WARN]:        at com.neovisionaries.ws.client.WebSocketThread.run(WebSocketThread.java:45)
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  16. I believe it removes it automatically if they don't have the permission for it.
  17. Hi,

    When i first used DiscordSRV I used my own bot. It gave errors so I changed. Now my bot's game is always set to "Minecraft" even if I change it. Do you know how to get rid of this?
  18. i had to restart my server a few times and it stopped after *shrug* not sure why it happened. But I noticed it was happening every time the server updated the MOTD-type of thing on Discord. I think its called the Channel Topic on there