Spigot Discraft-Plugin 1.0.14

Plugin for Discraft - Whitelist and Utility Bot

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    Discraft-Plugin - Plugin for Discraft - Whitelist and Utility Bot - https://top.gg/bot/714564857822969868

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  2. It works perfectly fine on minecraft server but not on discord server. Maybe cuz im dumb or something is wrong with code don't know. Tried almost everything and still doesn't work (It doesn't show the ip for members with the role d!whitelist role set @Verified , the person has the role btw xD)

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  3. Ah thank you, Ill have a look into that. I was doing some updates earlier so there may have been some issues with that.
  4. I believe I have fixed it. I think it was broken in the first place xD Thank you for the help. Ive upgraded you to premium :p
  5. Great, but the bot is offline I hope he will be back soon
  6. It go accepted last night into top.gg, but something went wrong and now its broken... Not the nicest thing to wake up to xD