Spigot Disease 3.3.0

Bring the terror of infectious disease to your sleepy minecraft town

  1. Thank you! all the other errors I've had with the previous versions seem to be fixed!
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  2. Glad most are fixed ill release fix for the horse curing in 0.7 - now that error is odd.

    not sure how if(action == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_AIR){} on an if statement can be null?!?

    do you know when this happens? I take it someone is interacting with something
  3. My best guess is that it has something to do with McMMO. You right click in the air to activate skills that run for certain periods of time depending on their McMMO level. There is also a player Trade plugin I have where you Shift + Right click on a player to start a Trade. I can't think of any other plugins I have that use right click.
  4. ah true, that maybe the case. in which case not sure what to suggest, ( one is to try server with only this plugin see if that works XD but I know being server owner there is not much inclination to do that)
  5. yeah I can't really remove McMMO from my server..hmmmm Well, I know about next to nothing when it comes to coding but can you somehow tell your plugin to ignore right click events?
  6. oh I didn't mean permanently just to test to see if that's the issue XD

    I could but then that stops the plugin being able to heal or heal others with splints bandages etc
  7. i don't think its mcmmo, i don't use that plugin on my server.

    the error spam seems to happen when you contract a disease and it tries to contract again but can not because you already are infected, then it spams over and over till you cure it, then the spam goes away

    " ERROR Could not pass event PlayerInteractEntityEvent to Disease v0.6 "

    that comes up then it does this for a while:

    [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:487) [Spigot18.jar:git-Spigot-9.............

    it also could be happening when someone contracts a disease and is contagious and infects another player and tries to re-infect but they alrdy have the disease
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  8. Hmmcrunchy updated Disease with a new update entry:

    Swamps and swords

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  9. Version 0.7

    Hate to say this but this error man, it just won't go away http://pastebin.com/qHhHWV7R

    if only you could fix this then this plugin could be usable on large servers.
  10. ah man.. hmm is it when someone uses a bandage or just right clicks? I just cant reproduce this error on my test server or the main production one at play.byte.org.uk what other plugins are you using. are you on spigot or bukkit 1.7 1.8?
  11. Using the latest build of Spigot and I honestly think it's when someone is infected and spreading it to other that already have a disease like the above posted mentions.

    Hey, look at the bright side....the Horse error is fixed :D

    Edit: I've PM'ed you a list of my plugins
  12. no more bandages horses XD

    although that method that its erroring on is the method to detect what you are holding in your hand when you right click air. shouldn't be affected by disease spreading.. ill take a look at the plugin list
  13. Hmmcrunchy updated Disease with a new update entry:

    Choking hazard for small children

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  14. Thanks for the update!

    Request: a permission node to bypass and remove any current diseases. I'm not sure if this is possible and the reason for this request is because in my main world I also use PvP Arena which has it's own permissions module. It would be nice if there was a permission to do what I mentioned above so that when they entered the Arena the Diseases are removed. I think PvPArena also has a nice API to hook in to if that's possible for you.

    Just a thought.
  15. You know what, ignore that request. You have the /disease cure command which I can trigger when people join an Arena! that works.
  16. XD ah cool just about to suggest that
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  17. yeah the only thing I'm worried about is people abusing it to cure themselves but I guess if I don't say anything people will just assume diseases are disabled in the Arena :D
  18. Nice idea ;)

    Can arena run command as admin so you don't have to give out perm
  19. yeah, PvPArena can run commands as Console or from the player perspective.

    Edit: BTW 0.8 - no errors so far at all, great job man.

    Edit #2: What I mean by abuse is people joining / leaving / joining the arenas just to cure themselves but as I said as long as I don't say anything it should work out. I should have put the Arenas in a separate bungee server but you lose that "connected" feel. It's not a large enough server to have separate servers for everything so this works for now