Spigot Disease 3.3.0

Bring the terror of infectious disease to your sleepy minecraft town

  1. Would you consider adding functionality to allow players to remove their own arrow wounds? I've gotten reports that its become a major annoyance.

  2. Why not? have a doctor dedicated to that? In my server I have doctors...
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  3. Low player count, and players are reluctant to trust each other.
  4. Hey there this could be due to being paper spigot we don’t generally support that
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  5. hi this should be there already - grab shears and click in the air not at a block to try and dislodge, may take a few times as a chance you'll get it each time arrowWouncCureChance in the config
  6. how to make custom temperature? it is not realistic if the temperature is 4 or 5 it should follow the standard temperature measurement... something like 20C like that... how to do that?
  7. Problem is in mincraft normal temp biome is 2 I think 1 is freezing biomes and as low as it gets and desert is oddly 20 so temps are hard to get to normal temp
  8. so these temp is based on Minecraft temperature?
  9. Yes each biome has its own set temperature which we tap into the get the temperature rate
  10. Hmmcrunchy updated Disease with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  11. Great plugin, thanks for making it!! I hope you will continue to develop it and maintain it for a long time.

    Some suggested diseases/thoughts:
    Carpal tunnel from prolonged mining... mining fatigue could be cured by not mining for a while.
    Burns or flesh wound or open wounds from burns falling in lava.
    Splinters from wooden tools or crafting certain things.
    Would be fun if players' beds could be infested with bedbugs that spread easily and were hard to get rid of but that would extend the plugin into other blocks/areas, but maybe lice or worms?
    How about a good old case of food poisoning?
    Chicken pox, bird flu, mad cow disease, diabetes from eating too much cake or cookies/sugar.
    Smoke inhalation
    , or anaphylactic shock, like from bee stings.
    Toe fungus
    Broken heart
    like when a pet gets killed...
    Jet lag
    after quickly traveling long distances (tpa or warps)
    Hypo/hyperthermia, frostbite
    Eating too much of a certain food can have certain effects... gout.
    Flesh-eating bacteria
    maybe after contamination from water.
    Panic attacks, agoraphobia (okay as long as they stay in their base! - i have a few players like that lol), fear of heights, phobias (i really do get that even with spiders in minecraft, but fear of exp bubbles, of netherportal travel), hypochondria, fear of the dark, you know how some people are particularly scared of dying a certain way so chances to develop PTSD but after only certain kinds of deaths (like drowning or in lava - maybe players can set their own fears for phobias like, pick from among a list of 1-3 heights, mobs, deaths, and can then have a chance of developing symptoms if exposed/experiencing certain things, also select own allergies).
    Affluenza might be lost on some but could be acquired after a certain /baltop is reached (richest 5% on server could be susceptible)
    A new minecraft phobia "fear of discovering being off by one block," a few players are telling me they "seriously have that" - would need to come up with a catchy name for it.
    with some silly meds like chill pill, obecalp (actual name for placebo pill - placebo spelled backwards)

    Maybe an integration with Dynmap for outbreak areas, inoculation sites, with Discord for public health service announcements.

    Doctor skill, reputation, bedside manner, hospital borne illness.

    "ArrowWound Contracted by being hot by an arrow" you mean hit not hot there, btw.

    Oh and too bad you're not on Discord.
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  12. love these ideas, ill get cracking in a few of these when I get a bit of time
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  13. Hi, welp, a player got sick who was supposed to be immune to everything and I couldn't find any issue with the perms, so I had to remove the plugin. I really like it and so do most of the players on the server but there are some who just don't want anything to do with this type of thing and I want to respect/protect their choice to opt out of it. I saw on github that the top open issue reported is "Disease immunity doesn't fully protect from diseases" so it looks like others have experienced similar things. I don't know how difficult/time consuming it is to fix or if it's something that is already resolved in the 1.15 but I can't use it on 1.14 until the players who are supposed to be immune are really immune.

    Do you know what is causing this and if it's only a 1.14 issue? I saw no errors in console. If you do know what is causing it, do you plan to fix it on for 1.14 and know how long it might take? Thanks for any info you can provide and I hope we can install this plugin back soon. It's one of the better made ones and one of the reasons I went ahead and go it is because it seems to be very well maintained by an dev who is friendly and responsive. I hope you don't get burned out though or it doesn't stay fun and I hope this issue isn't a major one or elusive to detect and fix.

    As for versions I was using Disease-3.3.0.jar and the latest paper spigot for 1.14.

  14. How exactly do I make this Scoreboard?
  15. (1.15) People have 100% immunity to things but still get infected with those things, like plague and others.
  16. is this immune as in 100 immunity or permissions set

    paper is a funny one does normal spigot work ok ?
  17. are you using normal spigot or paper
  18. paper, didn't test on regular spigot (don't plan to, too many useful things in paper)
  19. no worries - just seen a load of weird stuff on paper. I really write for normal spigot
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  20. ok, well, good to know, and yeah, maybe let us know when you fix the paper stuff and i'll try it again. if you don't, that's cool (your plugin after all). thanks!
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