Spigot Disease 3.3.0

Bring the terror of infectious disease to your sleepy minecraft town

  1. Bloodmoon :p, also btw if you want to create a github I kinda want to add in Economy support for the doctor signs thru vault. If you need anything changed in bloodmoon, I am your guy.
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  2. nice :D I like the sound of that
  3. That sounds like a great idea!
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  4. I feel sorry for the poor guy who drinks boiling water though lol

    If you wanted to go overboard you could have like a furnace as a "stove" and put you a glass bottle with water in it and over time it gets hotter and hotter and if you drank it while it was too hot it would damage you or even kill you.
  5. We run bloodmoon on our server, thats why the nether is almost impossible to go into with diseases haha!

    x3 diseases durring a bloodmoon if you get bit by a zombie/spider you contract it easier oh man that would be intense and fun!
  6. Cool I'll take a look into that then :)
  7. Ha ha I think I will XD I can do it so heat it to warm water then heat again for boiled water
  8. XD say no more I shall take a look at integrating it :)

    Is that the temperature making nether hard ?
  9. Hello, is it possible to give permissions to exempt new players not accepted yet.
  10. Hey so give a perm to be immune?
  11. Yes of course, perms to be immune because the new players and admin for example don't need to be infected. :)
    I have the last spigot version. 1.8 not 1.8.3 thx for your great plugin :)!
  12. We took out bloodmoon for now (unrelated issues) but people were saying it was really hot in the nether, I dont think it makes it hard. Just more challenging, makes them think if they realllly want to attack that pigman or not hehe.
  13. Hmmcrunchy updated Disease with a new update entry:

    Vaccines and Syringes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. no worries :) ill put on my list
  15. ha ha I bet, perhaps some cool water they could take with them to decrease their temperature
  16. I think i could be interesting to integrate permissions for all actions of your plugin :/.
    Camp fire create bad interaction with worldguard. All player can break netherack on fire even if worlguard protected it
  17. Yes may do creat perm to do each thing

    I think that may be a worldguard issue I don't effect block breaking
  18. yes for worldguard, you're probably right this is beta version -_-
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