Spigot Disenchant 2 1.15a

Convert an enchanted item to an enchantment book

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    Disenchant 2 - Convert an enchanted item to an enchantment book

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  3. Hey Darkstar1592, congrats for this great plugin.

    If you accept a suggest, can you add an option or maybe another disenchant book capable of take enchants one by one and each enchant in one different book.

    Thank you in advance.
  4. I have run into a bug with your plugin. On my server, I can use it and everything works, but when other members try to use it, the plugin only functions until you hit "Confirm" to disenchant something. After that, it puts the item back in your inventory and the disenchantment book says "Succesfully disenchanted air" How can I make this work for them as well?
  5. I am having an issue where the I can't use the enchanted book I create to enchant items. Is there a known plugin incompatibility or do you use something other than an anvil to use the enchanted book?
  6. You should be able to just use it like any other enchanted book. What are you enchanting and what enchantments are on the book?
  7. I was trying to enchant a sword with a mending enchantment i got off a piece of armor I found. Does mending have a different designation for armor vs weapons?
  8. I'd like to second the Config Option to remove Enchantments 1 by 1.

    Also would like an option to keep the original Item, loosing a diamond pick on full durability is wasteful and makes it so people only enchant wooden tools so they can destroy them easily, which also makes the "allowDamagedItems" flag kinda useless. maybe make items loose a specific number of durability? this could break those tools and would work with both the flag "allowDamagedItems" enabled or disabled.
  9. I love the plugin! Just a small suggestion, be able to select what enchant you want to remove, selecting one enchant damages the tool.