Disk Space (Almost) Full already?

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  1. Hi, I bought a server from sys a few months back, and everything's been great so far. I recently got the Minetrends plugin and one of the features if provides is that is displays info such as current tps and diskspace. To my alarm, I only have 3.1GB remaining and that's decreasing by about 0.1GB each day, so I'll need to get this sorted soon :p

    I'm using a 120GB SSD, and I highly doubt one server could fill all that upon. I'm new to Linux and such, so sorry if this is obvious, upon typing "df -h" it shows this:


    That images clearly shows I've got 57GB left on "/dev/sda2" so I'm assuming that the 3.1GB remaining is either from "rootfs" or "/dev/root". Could someone please explain how I can resolve this by giving the correct file system with more space.

    I'm probably an idiot and am doing something wrong, but yeah, help would be appreciated! :) Thanks
  2. That's not really the point though. There's 57GB free on /dev/sda2, I'm wondering how to allocate it to the filesystem running the server. I delete all old logs, so they aren't taking up a huge amount of space anyway
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    At least I am not alone in the mistake of putting everything on / (When I used to).

    Move everything to /home.

    Eh, I mean your Minecraft server. Not everything.
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    Run your server off of /home?
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  5. Google how to partition your harddrive :p
  6. Uhh. All my files are already in /home. As of now, the location of my files is as follows:

    /home/<user>/Server/<McMyAdmin Files are here>
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    In that case you are only using 33% and there is no issue.
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    Sounds like you're using one of the SYS servers – they're mirrored and have a complex partition setup to protect your data most efficiently. Probably the best thing in your interests is to ensure that ALL of your Minecraft data is saved somewhere in the /home directory. Make sure that McMyAdmin isn't putting anything outside of there (e.g. your world).

    Surprisingly, Minecraft worlds can get pretty large… I've had mine hit 70GB before without a border. You may want to consider looking into a world border plugin.
  9. @joehot200 Minetrends is stating I only have 3.1GB free, @nxtguy is there a possibility this is incorrect/not working correctly?

    @jflory7 Took a look around, from what I can see, everything's where it is supposed to be. I'm already using a border for my main world, although I haven't set a border in the nether, so that might not be helping things :p
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    Java can't tell easily if you have sufficient disk space. You will want to clean up your root partition a bit. If you're using Debian/Ubuntu, I suggest running apt-get clean.
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    People love to Nether Travel – my Nether world hits 10GB in a week sometimes.
  12. Yes, there is a possibility that what Minetrends thinks your free diskspace is, may not be accurate on your system. I will look into this, but it is always best to check directly on your system. :)
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  13. Checked the source code:
    File hd = new File("/");
    I suppose for that to be accurate is should be /home instead?
  14. Is that bad? I think I did that on one of my machines.. I have 2tb of space but I didn't know what to allocate it to.
  15. Are you using the root user?
  16. Nope
  17. Do this.. :p
  18. If you have a autobackup to backup your server, that could be taking up so much space
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    Rsync, heard of it?
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