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Feature Display Air Bubbles

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by AIDERMOI, May 21, 2015.

  1. Would be pretty cool if we could bring up air bubbles.
    Think there would be a lot of possibilities with that.

    Sorry for the ignorance if this is not possible or already possible.
  2. Thinking about it, we might be able to send the client a water particle effect like when someone shoots an arrow in water.
  3. Taking a quick look at the particle effects, it you should spawn a particle effect with ID 4 (bubble)
  4. Im talking about on the GUI.

    When youre underwater there are air bubbles on your hud.
  5. I'm sure this isn't possible, as they are totally client side. You'd have to set a water block at the players head location.
  6. Maybe set a server resource pack to make water invisible and then put water on players head and give player water breathing?
    But this isn't possible.
    Try using a scoreboard or a boss bar maybe?
    In 1.9 you can have multiple boss bars. Then you can make a cool thing like that
  7. I sincerely hope you're trolling.
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  8. I was wondering because you could do that.
  9. saphiria


    What? Explain further please.
  10. Maybe there is a NMS packet we could use to set inWater and set the "under water" health. Looking up at the protocol, it looks purely client side though.
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  11. Why would I be trolling?
    Because of the 1.9 boss bars?
  12. saphiria


    So how do you do multiple boss bars?
  13. Scoreboards to render something that is purely client side, same for boss bars. They aren't the same thing, and if I was you, I'd be ashamed to say something like that when you've got paid resources up.
  14. Maybe he said it was a 1.9 feature.....
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  15. It's in 1.9. No one knows yet.
  16. I mean use scoreboard or boss bar to say the value. Not the air bubbles
  17. Im fully aware that I can use the scoreboard or a bossbar to display these values. The reason I don't want to is because its not clean. On a scoreboard numbers are a very bad way to display something like that. It breaks the realism of lets say having air for a spacesuit. It looks very hacked up and not ment to be in the game. It takes away this feeling of you actually losing air and replaces it with just a number that when is 0 you die. You lose the "genuinity" of said event.

    A bossbar is actully not a bad idea. Just in my opinion the bossbar makes me cringe. Its very large, also a major distraction with its purple-ness. Honestly if I were to carry out my idea I would use the action bar. Something like
    "Oxygen tank (|||||||||)"

    An example of this "clean" idea is Wynncraft.

    I like to think a lot of their success is from the way that their mechanics look like they were supposed to be in the game. It makes the experience very surreal and fun.
    What im talking about is for example how their mana is displayed. Most servers have mana on the scoreboard or ive even seen some update it in chat. Wynncraft has the mana bar as the hunger bar. Its perfect. not obstructing and provides all the information.
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