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  1. Hey. I was wondering how I get something using the /give command that also uses a custom name without the Italics. BTW, I want a method I can use on servers.

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  2. I use the premium plugin CMI, it has a command like /cmi itemname and /cmi itemlore, allowing you to make custom items.
    Together with a /gift plugin we use and CMI's aliaseditor, I have a custom /give command that goes through a few things - it checks if the player has the perm to get the item, has the money to pay for it, and is online, etc. etc.. Gets the items we want for the user, sets the name and lore, and /gifts it to the player.

    That's one of the things I like about plugins, it lets you take spigot to the.. i mean it lets you take minecraft to the next level for the server owner.

    Code (Text):
    /give BobTheBuilder minecraft:orange_shulker_box{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"&6Nice Box Gold Title\"}",Lore:["&7A fancy box"]}} 4
  3. It would be understandable if you posted this on discussion, because a lot of people ask for help there, but this is the
    Gaming Lounge
    Discussion about (non Minecraft) games.
    Come on, if you can scroll down why not go to plugin help/help?

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