Solved Distribute the dropped items (World Edit)

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  1. Hi everyone, by chance does anyone know how I can distribute the dropped items within the region? (World edit)
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  2. What dropped items?
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  3. Hm .. any object selected. I just want to know how I distribute the dropped items.
  4. What is your request exactly..?
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  5. Being able to spawn items far away from each other in the region set with world guard.
  6. Are you not saying the answer to your question in your question? Grab the selection, store it then drop the items in that selection?

    I’m assuming that’s what you mean
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  7. I've already saved my selection. But I don't know how I can spawn objects remotely in the region.
  8. what type of items? you cannot spawn any item in an unloaded chunk
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  9. Any object for example IRON_INGOT. In this case, if I'm not mistaken, you can take the loaded chunks
  10. I want to know how I can spawn them far away without accumulating them ..
    In spigot.yml, set world-settings.merge-radius.item to zero.
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  12. Okay, but I think this method is the least appropriate. It would be better to spawn the different items far apart.
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  13. Yeah if you don't wanna use this method than you'll have to spawn each items at least 3 blocks away from each other or use the itemmergeevent
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  14. And by chance does anyone know how to do it? Spawn 3 blocks within the world edit region?
  15. Well you will grab the region(using world edit apis,grab 2 corners(to make urself the cube) and using the location you can set the limit your loop,("for x = min.X,x<=max.X and so on)
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  16. I didn't understand the second part ..
  17. Could anyone explain me in detail? Or does anyone have any other solution?