Premium DKPerms (V1) > PermissionSystem | MySQL/YAML| Bukkit/BungeeCord [German/English] [Paid]

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    DKPerms > PermissionSystem | MySQL/YAML| Bukkit/BungeeCord [German/English] - PermissionSystem with a lot of futers (tablist/chat/color/live update/temporary permissions)

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  2. Out of curiosity, what are the advantages of this over something free such as luckperms?
  3. Hi @Dkrieger ,

    wie wäre es wenn du ne GUI Menu Führung einbaust? Das würde die Sache komfortabler machen ;)

    Da Ir0n
  4. Looks interesting, but what makes it better than a well-established plugin like PermissionsEX?
  5. Hey Das ist eine gute Idee, ich werde schauen was sich da machen lässt

    Freundliche Grüsse
  6. Hey

    This plugin has a auto sync over the network, the player musn‘t rejoin.
    Read the thread, ther are mutch more features.

    Best regards