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  1. My god...

    My take on this. It's been a rough month for anything relating to Mojang / Minecraft. I don't foresee this so called business model staying afloat for much longer. They're nudging out the server owners and the people who made this game successful and community so large.

    I feel for the community of Minecraft because 90% of players dont know any of this is happening. I suggest each server owner inform his community about the wrong-doings (as simple as they can) so everyone can be up to speed on this.
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  2. I just saw that you couldn't download dev downloads of bukkit i just saided wtf and i saw the notications and they saided Copyright ... then went into heres a few mins i saw md just posting this
  3. There is a super thread about the CraftBukkti situation here.
  4. Very scary. This is a very pivotal moment for Spigot right now. This is when the Spigot team will make it or break it.

    Best of luck.
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  5. Good luck md_5, this is really pointless, it's obvious mojang have completed their API and are getting rid of bukkit.
    I will donate.
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  6. Time to start distributing patches instead of the full binary.
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  7. This has been a pretty hectic month for Minecraft. We should all just go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.
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  8. This is not good D: Good luck!
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  9. His copyright claim is complete bogus. He won't win against Spigot, Bukkit, and Mojang's lawyers.
  10. I think you forget Mojang are victims aswell. Wolverines is doing it in spite of Mojang. We are on the same side as Mojang.
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  11. Dat reference doe <3
  12. Get a server from cyberbunker and change your name
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  13. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    Mojang didn't do this, please read before throwing blame at Mojang.
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  14. Why did Wolvereness do this @md_5 ?
    Have you got any idea?
  15. He more then likely wants money... Wolvereness that is.
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  16. So he is saying that because Mojang never authorised the use of it's code, the GPL license is invalid and therefore it belongs to him?
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  17. JamesJ


    I want to cry.
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  18. I'd assume he thinks that if Bukkit is having issues, Spigot should have them too. Chaotic, maybe we should all chill out from Minecraft for a bit...
  19. So.. Wolvereness is trying to take down both spigot and bukkit at the same time? Does he live to kill minecraft servers now?
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