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    This. So much this, it was the first thing I thought of. Does he have the right to? Maybe, but without some other motivation for doing this, all it does is hurt people using the software. Which in this case, is everyone who plays minecraft online.

    I have faith that this will get handled swiftly, and I hope it does not involve paying this guy off. I applaud him for his devotion and work towards Bukkit, but this was not the way to approach the situation.
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  2. They also own the code, as it is made and published by the company. Also, As a lead mojang member is heading the project now, I would hope that the project is legal, and dinnerbone knows what he is doing.
  3. Good luck Md_5 and the Spgiot team, today has been a strange day.
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  4. They don't own the code. The individual contributors retain copyright over the code as they submitted it under GPL to an open source project.
  5. jeff142


    No they dont, and no its not... its GPL, they published it as GPL and they cant take that back.
  6. I wish the whole spigot team a good luck!
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  7. But the response sounds like a standard "We haven't allowed Bukkit to use Mojang code", not a "Please close Bukkit for us". The support doesn't sound like they want Bukkit to go down.
  8. Was going to post this, he is aware of the current controversy between Craftbukkit + Mojang, and has been voicing his opinion about it in the community. I'm sure he would be willing to help, or at least do what he can.
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  9. I see. I apologize for my mistake in not knowing the ins and outs of the GPL law. Sorry.
  10. I wonder if Mojang is secretly paying all the bukkit staff to resign and paying Wesley to DMCA the projects.
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  11. Don't need to apologise, I didn't know this stuff before the last few days.
  12. Seriously....
  13. I have thought every time something happened it couldn't get worse. Well, it got worse.

    Honestly, I am quite worried. While others are right to speculate that we will get through this, at what cost to the community?

    Good luck md_5 and Spigot.
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  14. Lol. I'm not a copyright attorney, but I should probably read up on this stuff.
  15. I don't get this, I thought he was only doing this against Mojang.
  16. jeff142


    The better point is why is bukkit even considering the DCMA.... i mean anyone can make a dcma... anyone.....
    the simple fact is that mojang owned bukkit, and that company published it as GPL, being it was owned by mojang and they did this for 2 years, they cant go back and say its not valid now becose they didnt mean to do GPL thats now how the law works.
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