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  1. It is nor using that guy's code so it is not a target xD
  2. I honestly just wish the Spigot team and what remains of the old bukkit team can just get together and remake a craftbukkit. That would be a lot easier.
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  3. I don't really think the wolf-head cares at this point.
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  4. Time to code server from scratch
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  6. Unless I get it first.
  7. It can't be as it doesn't have MC code.
    Nobody knows his motives.
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  8. md_5

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  9. I created an account just to reply to this situation, and to figure out a solution to all this problem.
    First off, @md_5, I read what the DMCA said, and I believe you are incorrect about Mojang supporting Wesley Wolfe's DMCA.
    I believe it is saying that Mojang's COO, Vu Bui, sent the message of reusing minecraft code to Wesley, and then Wesley used that argument to attack Spigot, to knock two birds with one stone.
    Edit: Also, in the Bukkit DMCA, has the exact lines of
    Edit 2: This is the Spigot DMCA in comparison:
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  10. If he submits an invalid DMCA there could be heavy legal consequences, so I'd imagine he does.
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  11. I don't own a server, and heck I quit playing minecraft a year ago, but this still makes me cringe.. I don't know why :eek:
  12. Because... REAZONS!
  13. i cri
    why now?!!?!
    just after 1.8
  14. So mojang testified against its self to take down itself?
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  15. Nobody really knows 100% what is meant by this stuff honestly.
  16. Yep. But from what this says,
    The wolf is manipulating words, so yes and no.
  17. Yes and with Mojangs lack of good PR there is lots of speculation.
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  18. I knew that all this EULA legal stuff won't end well...
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  19. jeff142


    Hears the thing, regardless of what mojang wants to say, bukkit is GPL.

    A company they owned published the code as this for 2 years well they owned that company, they can say the "We didnt know" but the law dosent allow for ignorance, thare for the code is valid GPL the only reason mojang wont admit this is because it would basically nullify the eula due to gpl's aloud uses.

    That being that, im not a lawer, tho i did work for one for a few mounths, but get your own, i bet he will say the same thing.
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  20. Nothing new then...
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