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  1. The only problem is you can't actually fix the bugs (unless you do it privately, I guess).
  2. I hope mojang will release a early version of the official api
  3. hes not really an employee since bukkit team members dont get paid
  4. probably squeezing as much money as they can from their server before the server turns into titanic im guessing
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  5. Just wondering, I am supposing the servers and networks that have enough funds to pay developers for custom updates on the server jars for the latest mc versions are fine? Or is pretty much everyone affected by this :?
  6. Pretty much everybody is, because Spigot and CraftBukkit are the foundations on what we keep the servers updated and running on. Nobody has that much time or that much money to throw into a custom jar, it would be a waste of time and a slap in the face to what we already have available.
  7. Last time I knew Hypixel payed for a custom Bungee build :? Or am I going crazy somewhere along the lines :p
  8. I know a while ago before Bungee was out codename_b from Hypixel was paid to make a type of Bungee for LegendaryCraft I believe, not positive though
  9. I wouldn't worry 99.99% of modded servers will remain at their current versions, so there really is no need to compete.
  10. Just wanted to say, since vubui posted that response a couple days ago on the Bukkit forums, we've gotten even more resignation notices. Namely the Bukkit project has now lost lukegb, mbaxter, Amaranth and feildmaster. The really sad and scary thing is that I made that exact prediction, that being the resignation of amaranth and feildmaster. It got lost somewhere in the 55 pages of posts, but I did call it. They were the #3 and #4 people responsible for the most commits and lines of code pulled into CraftBukkit. With them gone, that leaves just Dinnerbone and Grum, who are both happily working at Mojang.

    Methinks either this is all one big conspiracy, or I had it right the whole time.

    In case you didn't know this information, now you know. And if you did know it, congrats on reading it again. :)
  12. Great to hear! Once this is all over and we can get bukkit builds again! Make spigot even better! Looking forward to a brighter future for the team at spigot!
  13. To be completely honest, I don't see a way spigot will win.. I mean there is that slim possibility with mojang helping spigot, but I don't see that happening, anyways, for what it's worth, best of luck to spigot & bukkit.
  14. If mojang wont support spigot and win i will quit minecraft and my great server :(
  15. I think the only way forward is to build something new that doesn't rely on any code that could be questioned or question lightly.
  16. Maybe yes. But its so stupid situation! Just because of some assholes the people must start from scratch?!
  17. You will be missed.
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  18. What makes me realy angry is to see all the happy funny twitter posts of the mojang team members while the whole community is wailing. They all dont give a fk!
  19. Well yes nobody can change Mojang they are too big. They do what they like.
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  20. Unfortunately, Many members of the bukkit team not affiliated with mojang have jumped ship on this one. It's mojang and spigot vs. wolf.
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