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  1. Awh, good luck fighting it!
  2. When do you think we will have a build that allows to, at least use the 1.8 blocks?
    Any progress?
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  3. Yes - its called sponge.
  4. When? Haha, whenever the DMCA is lifted that's when.
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  5. They will win, Even mojang stated that Mr Wolfe wont win. Just gotta hope they do
  6. I dont think they said that, look, spigot is using wolfe's code (some of it, anyways), so he has the right to remove that, he can just say he feels like that something he has coded for over 3 years and someone else owns it or is using it w/o his permission, so I don't see a way spigot, mojang, or bukkit will win, mojang has benefited greatly from this though.
  7. Actually, now that I think about it, it seems like spigot may win, Bukkit is open source, and so is spigot I believe, anyone can contribute to bukkit, when was it up to Wolfe to issue a DMCA against bukkit & spigot when everyone who has contributed doesn't agree on it.
  8. A quick fix would be remove his code, flip him the bird and continue but it still runs the risk of another contributor doing the same. It'd need to be licensed correctly to prevent such actions from happening in the future.
  9. Nobody has to agree. Bukkit violates Wesley's license. Wesley can DMCA bukkit. There's no agreement required
  10. yeah just saw it on bukkit, nvm
  11. All we can hope for is that Mojang somehow compromises with the people it has made angry, or somehow does something to get a 1.8 out.

    Other than that it looks like Sponge will take Bukkit's place.
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    Please don't resort to threats against other people, regardless of what they've done. It's a personal choice as to how we want to perceive the issue.

    Unleashing your anger on an individual won't accomplish anything.
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  13. Spongebob... This means everything back to the middle ages. Sucks. All pluginswill break means whole server concepts will break. It really sucks.

    One of the most important things to do is to spread the issue! Its not public enough! If we want mojang to support servers mpre active we need the help of a wider public than devs and server owners. Minecraft forum needs more threads about it so every user is aware that he/she is also affected by this.
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  14. Just a note: Perhaps you should remove the "top-level-notification" talking about the latest builds, available from the spigot page?
  15. md_5

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    I thought I did, which notice are you referring to?
  16. Ah, it's gone now, perhaps I just had some cached pages or something...
  17. Has the official sponge page been released yet? I saw a link before but wasn't sure if it was the right one.. Either way, They just need to make the copyright on it so that devs cant just claim over it! Hoping all goes well though!
  18. And they need to make to make it in such a way that no workers on it sell it to Mojang or allow them to acquire it, like wise they need to minimize any chance of Mojang shutting it down.
  19. I dont think it would be a bad idea of mojang getting behind it, as long as they dont want to shut it down. Such as giving them the source code would be getting behind it, Otherwise just to sit back and watch the world grow around the game they made!
  20. Fact is, they (Mojang) don't need to be involved with it in any way whatsoever. They already ruined Bukkit from an overall standpoint, what can they do that's even worse? Stick another knife in? No thanks.
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