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  1. I just don't see why Mojang will want to help save Bukkit when they are pushing Minecraft realms so much... They are a business after all and they probably care more about revenue than the community.
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  2. This thread has gotten nowhere. I've read about 300 posts and they are all going on about the same things, and arguing about the same things
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  3. It never will get anywhere. People do not even learn about everything that is happening and when they do they disagree with each other.

    United we stand and divided we fall, I guess we are falling.
  4. When have they pushed realms?
  5. You haven't read enough (There's currently 1125 posts) and read posts by the right people. I think you forget that with the "drama" of this thread that there will be alot of "drama posts" to go through before you get to anything good. That's why skimming posts is helpful, I know I needed to do it just to stay caught up. :)
  6. They can push realms whenever they want, it seems like they're pushing realms now to new users because they can't download bukkit or spigot.
  7. They dont need to get behind it, But they could help save the community from losing it. The community would shrink so much if we started losing all the big servers. Mojang just need to start helping out and saving what they have made worse
  8. Touching it would be the equivalent of shoving another knife in, as was mentioned in my other post. As for a history lesson, Bukkit did absolutely fine without the involvement of Mojang in any way. Curse actually footed the bill to provide the Bukkit project with servers, which is all the sponsor really has to to, not to mention it helped the Bukkit community in some other minor areas, but left the community alone and free to pursue creative process. It instantly became muddy the moment Mojang became involved.

    While I'd love to share more history lessons, I'll leave with an often used quote, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it".
  9. Until they crashed and burned like the Hindenburg.
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  10. md5 can we lock this thread? Until more information comes out. Lots of speculation here.

  11. you can thank us Microsoft investors later if when the deal is done
    so far nadela is thinking of squashing all this beef and with their resources i am sure
    anything that belongs to mojang will now be bill gates to play with including bukkit
    if wolf likes it or not

    so far investors put it thru a proxy vote and its a good worth of 2 bill
    so we all crossing fingers lol

    cause not only is the buy so good that even notch thought so when he approached M$ with a sign saying BUY ME lol so i guess the deal was in the works and so true when minecraft xbox 360 came out but now we wait and see what happens next

    today M$ becomes a hot stock as the pressure weights in as to the buy and sale of Mojang
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  12. RME


    I hope Microsoft fixes the DMCA stuff
  13. Hah. Minecraft won't do anything to help Craftbukkit or Spigot. If anything, they'll file an Intellectual Property claim against anyone running a third-party server, taking down all the Craftbukkit and Spigot servers.
  14. did Microsoft even confirm the deal yet?
  15. joehot200


    No. All of this is just dithering and speculation and drivel.
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  16. I don't think microsoft will do a lot with minecraft though.
  17. When I compiled the latest Spigot Source (Not available anymore), there it was, a big ole copyright warning from ye ole' Wesley Wolfe.
  18. aww this is so shitty!
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