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  1. its not mojang its one of the ex devs who did it
  2. They haven't pushed it one has. Not since they released it / mentioned it.
  3. Microsoft, please save us.
  4. Microsoft knowing them might just make it worse
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  5. i hope Spigot, don't turn back on us like bukkit did.
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  6. This is a setup, of course. We had no idea what was being planned for the takeover by Microsoft. Of course Mojang would want to look innocent; this was a way to make them appear to not be involved, I think. The backlash of doing this directly would be too much. But this was intended. Privately hosted servers are opposition for Realms, and Microsoft would not like that souring the deal.
  7. well like it or not (in my case its a good win win for both mojang and microsoft) the deal is to be done monday for 2.5B $ the sale pushes on to M$ an make more sales on their mobile devices but on the other hand the legal side of things they got more lawyer power to make sure that every part of minecraft property now belongs to Bill Gates so if they wanna battle it out on who owns bukkit i have to say Bill does and he will make sure this is squashed once in for all lol ...

    but i dont wanna jump ahead of things we wait monday for news to come out that the deal is done

    Edit Sept 15 3:33pm est

    well the wait was over and this morning it was annouced that M$ purchased the company notch built
    tho notch on his site said "its not about the money but my sanity" are the last words we hear from our Miners Hearts Creator

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  8. Spigot Shall not Die!
  9. Necro ftw?
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  10. What's the progress on this DMCA?
    Anything new?
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