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  1. I don't have the cash. I'm gonna trust you on this one.
  2. I'm sure spigots sponsors & other high up servers will help fight the DCMA placed on Spigot. They do rely on it.
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  3. JamesJ


    As shitty as this event is, it's times like this that being the Spigot Community together!

    What is wrong with this world!
    First off the <I removed it because it could offend some, if you watch the news you WILL know>, and now this! What's wrong!
    WWIII is coming!
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  4. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Or they'll just keep all of their code and additions secret and move on :|
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  5. JamesJ


    Unfortunately, yeah.
  6. What will you do if you can't get around it? Will you write your own Minecraft server? Or will you leave it and move on to something else?
  7. If this hapends I will personally help & support spigot. At least you have a proper comunity
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  8. Oh fuck this ex employee.
    That's like suing your own company after giving over the right's to someone else.
    Good luck claiming on something when a bit of text can't really be copyrighted.
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  9. FYI, you don't have to - can't - fight a DMCA. When a host gets a DMCA notice, they take down the content, when a host gets a counter-notice, they can put it back. End of DMCA.

    However, the idea is, if the complainant still disagrees, he'll then go through to courts. So... yeah. It depends on how far he's willing to go.
  10. Code can be copyrighted.
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  11. If you want you can have my custom version of CB renamed to CraftBucket.
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  12. So Mojang have no right to force us into the EULA stuff?
  13. Yes they do as you are using their product and subject to their terms.
  14. I have some experience with this DMCA stuff. I’ve had some clients get DMCA and I’ve received the notices.

    Here is the deal, without even getting an attorney, you can show that you will contest it and the upstream provider will not shut you down and now the burden comes on the person requesting the DMCA to go to court to get it shut down.

    It’s no fun getting these things, but if you just hold your ground, then they will have to pony up the money to go to court.

    In my experience, my clients ran forums and they just took down the content because they didn’t care. But I’ve seen and read enough of these to know that sending the DMCA requires no legal money being spent on the part of the person sending it.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. A name can be, that's like copyrighting and suing everyone who has added "public int i;" to there own code.
  17. @md_5, what is your thoughts about this? I haven't heard a reply / quote about it.
    I don't want you to send the community a wrong message on the situation, and having more hate on Mojang (Which they don't need right now).
  18. I usually do not concede to posts with drama in it. I do admit, this has taken a fairly large slope into the ground. This user and mojang obviously are attacking spigot in such a way, and is trying to ruin the community. I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road, but it will be worked out.
  19. No. As a programmer, your code is copyrighted if you are 'the author of an original work'.
  20. The thing is he kinda does own some of the code.
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