Spigot DMPWorldGuard 1.3

Adds WorldGuard support to DeathMessagesPrime

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    DMPWorldGuard - Adds WorldGuard support to DeathMessagesPrime

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  2. Customizing death messages from within regions
    To set this up, you need to do the following:
    1. Make sure death messages from within a region are not disabled with the other flags.
    2. Set the dmp-custom-messages flag to some value. It is recommended that this value only have the alphabetic characters A-Z, numbers and underscores, since it needs to be valid for YAML. (In this example, we will use "region1" without quotes)
    3. Open the DeathMessagesPrime configuration file and find the death-messages section.
    4. Under the death-messages section, make a new section for "wgcustom", and under it whatever the value you set in dmp-custom-messages:
    Code (Text):
      # ..., prefix, suffix, mob, natural...
              - "%plrtag% fell from a high place in region region1"
    Under this section, you should then add the message you want to customize. In this example, we will be customizing the death message for falling from a long distance.

    This setup also allows you to have multiple regions all use the same custom death messages.

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  3. Is this resource still maintained? No game version listed but most recent update was last year and it doesn't seem to be recognized by my server. :p
  4. It should still work to my knowledge unless WorldGuard has changed their API somehow. Does the server console say anything on startup?

  5. Not sure if I got the whole thing, had to copy it from the log and make a pastebin from my phone at work. Please let me know if you need any more info.

  6. That seems to be enough and shows that WorldGuard has changed somehow. Don't know when that happened, but I'll try to take a look and see.
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    Fixed possible NPE

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  8. Can I get clarification to what 'some value' is please and where it is used in the DMP config?
  9. It can be whatever you want, but as the post says, it should only have alphabetic characters A-Z, numbers and underscores. The example post you replied to uses "region1" as the example value, and shows where it is used in the config.