DNS Help?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by dart2112, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. So I have a domain name with godaddy.com and a LAMP server running and I want to setup the domain name in the same way the spigot does it. Every time I try the path doesn't change (I click a link and the URL doesn't change to reflect the page change), Is this a DNS thing or is it something I need to change on my end. All help appreciated.
  2. I dont quite understand what you mean. Each time you try the path what doesn't change. Could you provide examples of whats happening and can you provide the address that the link points to?
  3. Press F5, it's likely cache
  4. so say I where to link my domain name to spigot, no matter where you go on the website, it will always just say spigotmc.org. it doesnt change the path in the browser when I click on pages on the website
    Nope, its the domain name/website settings
  5. When you click a page, does the page actually change, regardless of whether the URL path changes? If so, I'm pretty sure this would be something to do with how the site is coded (HTML, JS, etc).
    I've seen sites before that don't change the URL when you go to a different page.
  6. When I connect with the direct IP the path changes, btw its a zenforo site
  7. Bump, I've also tested it using my PCs hosts file. It works perfectly there but not via the actual domain name