DNS SRV record (I don't have service box in panel)

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Syose, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. [GUIDE] Setting Up SRV Records

    I want to create SRV record in my DNS server so i can cover my ip and port with domain, but when i ordered dns i got this panel,
    And i don't know how to setup SRV record here



    There is no service box to type _minecraft._tcp

    Does exist some alternative to achieve this result.
  2. Strahan


    Doing it all in one box makes me think they are setting it up like BIND, so try putting _minecraft._tcp.(src hostname) in the first box and 0 0 (port) (a record hostname) in the box after the SRV dropdown.
  3. So I guess your domain you would like to use for your server is fou.rs and you have an A record pointing to the right IP address.
    Then, based on your screenshot you select SRV in the drop-down box, in the left box _minecraft._tcp in the right "0 5 25565 fou.rs" (without quotes).
    That should work. 25565 shall be changed of course if you have another port.
    Maybe _minecraft._tcp.fou.rs in the first box.