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  1. Iwitrag



    I have seen some servers, which can be connected with IP without subdomain.

    For example:
    Instead of
    it's possible to write to IP only

    and it will work.

    Can someone tell me, how can I do that?
  2. Depends on your setup. You'll have to be running your webserver on the same IP as your bungeecord/spigot instance.
  3. Look at dot tk ?
    Anyway, what is wrong with play.server.com
    My server is play.FloFactions.us
    But it has no spawn or anything yet ;-; lel
  4. You can use an SRV record.
  5. SRV records aren't very reliable. I wouldn't feel safe running a major network off one.
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  6. How aren't they?
  7. Iwitrag


    I'm running my website on webhosting and my server on serverhosting.
    My server IP and port:
    Website: mcgames.cz
    _minecraft._tcp1800SRV5 5 27874 mcgames.cz
    <no name> 1800A93.91.250.132

    And when I set IP in-game to mcgames.cz, it doesn't work.
  8. I had to wait about a day for mine to start working
    Also try to put in a name like play or mc
    I can join mc.uhc.zone with uhc.zone
    I can join mc.hypixel.net with hypixel.net
    I can join hub.mineplex.com with mineplex.com
    Just try it
    It might work
  9. Iwitrag


    I said that I don't work subdomain :/
  10. mcgames.cz (bare domain) also has an A record pointing to
    If the .129 IP address is needed for the website, the simplest way to resolve this is to make a subdomain dedicated pointing to the game server and have the SRV record use the subdomain as the host address. And remove the game server A record for the bare domain so it doesn't interfere with the website.

    mcgames.cz -->
    play.mcgames.cz -->
    _minecraft.tcp --> play.mcgames.cz

    If you don't want people to use 'play' (or 'mc' or another common), just use a random string for the subdomain and don't share it.

    btw, is non-connectable for me. If people can't connect to the direct address, then no DNS configuration is going to help. Resolve the server being non-connectable before continuing to worry about the DNS.
  11. Iwitrag


    Hi SGrayMe,

    I dont want to use subdomain. If I use your solution, only play.mcgames.cz works, not mcgames.cz
    Server works and players are playing it... maybe your ISP is blocking it, because it's from Czech Republic.
  12. [​IMG]

    What I did, for example mine is thelotc.net.
    There should be a @ if you put the servers IP there it should be okay.
  13. JamesJ


    Lots of ISPs don't support SRVs. Unfortunately.
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  14. Iwitrag


    It seems that you are running on default port, arent you?
    Sadly, I cannot have default port because of hosting which I'm using.
  15. Oh I see, oh then I'm not too sure :(
  16. @Iwitrag
    It looks like your SRV is working now.
  17. Iwitrag


    I have done none changes to it O_O
    And it doesn't work for me.

    If you add new server with numerical IP adress and then add new server with mcgames.cz, it will work. I don't know why though.
  18. It takes a while for the DNS changes to propagate, meanwhile some people will be able to connect, others will not.

    Why not run your web server on the one VPS/Dedi then just have a bungee cord instance running on port 25565 which connects to your actual server.

    By default the mine craft client will connect to port 25565, for anything else you need to specify it on the end with :{port} so you could have a website on port 80 and a bungee cord instance on 25565.

    Feel free to PM me if you want me to help you set it up :)
  19. You said that you don't work subdomain?
    Anyway, actually read my post, make it like FLABAHAHALAGSNAYS.mcgames.cz
    Then don't tell anyone the random letters and everyone will join with mcgames.cz