Do I have colliding plug-ins?

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  1. Simply put we optimized the trash collection and server startup. When we get 18 or more players joining the TPS Tanks fast. Here is a timings report if you could help me out in finding a plugin that could be causing the issue or and direction really on how to stabilize the server. We have 10GB for memory and CPU is
    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 0 @ 2.50GHz. This is from a hosting company so it should be functioning just fine. Please help with any information to give me a direction to stabilizing/resolve the server issue for the players.
  2. p.s its a 1.16.2 server
  3. You have an extreme number of entities active on your server. Bats, squids, chickens, and striders are the most numerous and they are concentrated around 0, 0 in the overworld and nether.
  4. thats the thing, I look around and see no entities loaded and have reduced the overall entity count. im not sure how to remove and set limits or anything. Is there a plugin we have that can cause the extreme entity count?
  5. It's possible your players have massive mob farms near spawn. I did not see any plugins that would be doing this.

    Lowering spawn limits in bukkit.yml may help.
  6. Do you know what Minecraft::tickEntity - nms.EntityBat (SELF) what does it mean by SELF? when ever I check timings it always says SELF at the end of the section that has the most/highest tick and what not im unsure were to approach that one.
  7. SELF appears to refer to the entities themselves rather than any plugin affecting the entities. The only way to reduce the numbers is to kill a lot of the entities.
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  8. Would suggest you turn this to false
    Code (Text):
    keep-spawn-loaded: true
    You have this true
    Code (Text):
    per-player-mob-spawns: true
    But you have
    Code (Text):
    monsters: 25
    I had the same problem with chunks and mobs after updating from 1.13.
    I would lower the mob spawn limit until you find a decent medium
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  9. Witch file are those in as i cant find them? most likely im being blind as all get out
  10. after looking into it more we've also found we have exactly 20tps untill 24 players join then it just starts dropping and i can for the life of me figure out why, Also we noticed entity count is around 2500 and tile count around 700 could these be a issue?
  11. Code (Text):
    aliases: now-in-commands.yml
    water-ambient: 3
    monsters: 25
    ambient: 5
    animals: 4
    water-animals: 3
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  12. Thank you, I tried this out and the entity count has lowered, but when we still reach that player count of about 24+ our TPS just starts dropping from consistent 20 TPS by 1 every 2-3 players when they join....any ideas?
  13. are you using a dedi?