Do I Still Need a Forums?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Venomous_Creeper, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I'm in the process of creating a Towny server and I'm wondering if a forums will still be necessary with Discord being a thing. I could either have someone customize a forums software for me, or make a website with all sorts of information about the server sans forums.

    I'm leaning towards not having a forums, but maybe that's a wrong move so what do you think?
  2. Forums is a great move. With forums, you are able to get extra advertisement as when someone may look up "Good towny servers", you have the chance to get your website seen and an additional player may come on. Along with this, you can be able to get suggestions, appeals, staff applications, & more much easier and a lot more efficient. Discord is great don't get me wrong, but I think having a website boosts your server chances of being seen. For recommendations on forum software, I recommend namelessmc, xenforo, & mybb. With namelessmc I am able to customize it without limitations as for it's bootstrap & xenforo is really customizable as well with plugins & add-ons; there's a whole community for it that makes add-ons.
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  3. You do not need anything. All you need for mc is the server for people to connect to.
    If you desire alternative means to interact with the community and build an audience etc, some sort of place to find info, share info, etc might be handy. Be it teamspeak, discord, or a skype group. That's up to you. Whatever works.

    But no use paying a host money each year to host a forum that nobody reads and uses, or hang out 24/7 in discord when nobody cares about joining.

    Provide information, help, assistance, resources, inside info, changelogs, heads-ups, news, ability to hang out and greet new players, etc. Be it discord or a forum, and there's a reason for some to go there.

    It's also handy if you need screenshots from players, or talk in private about something - etc. You can say: just share it to me on discord... or post it on the forums somewhere.

    But no, you don't need any service additionally - it just depends on what you "want".
  4. Enjin do a free service where you can have a forum, donation pages etc (as long as you keep it within their module limit).
    However, after having a forum, after being a forum user for 20+ years I am finding that p[layers these days prefer Discord.
    Discord has problems that a forum post would be better for, however it's more a real time comms platform, has voice chat etc.
    Discord also has better phone access.

    While our Discord server is used constantly during every day, the forum has not had a post on it since July (shows how well used they are now).
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  5. Sorta. When you don't have a forum, players will write an application taff or a complaint or whatever either on your discord or minecraft server if you don't have a forums. It can look really messy and spammy if you don't have a forum and is harder to manage without a forum. At least in my opinion.
  6. We actually have a few servers where we get about 30% more support requests, applications and what not. Instead of a forum we're using a ticket system. This way internally we can push tickets, reports, applications etc to a database that the web uses. A forum isnt' always needed, certain things can also be a simple ticket system.
  7. Speaking about real things to do , i advise you create both a discord server and a forum (both linked).
  8. I personally don't recommend having a forum, discord pretty much does the same thing to some extent.
    I actually would recommend having a wordpress site and blog. Forums have bad SEO compared to blog articles
  9. A blog is a one way street, the owner dumps the content, others just reply to it..

    A forum is a two way street, the owner runs the forum, everybody dumps their content and have conversations..

    If you think a forum has bad seo, improve your content and use the right forum software.

    Discord has 0 seo, by the way, and you don't own that content. There's no way for someone in ten years to look back through awesome nostalgic conversations etc, unlike with a forum.
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