Do not use ggservers hosting!

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Herblerp, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Hi all!

    I rent a server a few weeks back on I am simply posting this thread to warn as many people as possible that this host is extremely unreliable, you might even say a scam. My server worked for no longer than 2 hours before it went down. It never came back online... When i ask them what is going on they simply say "we are aware for this issue and will fix it asap", which is horseshit. When i ask my money back they say "your service is not eligible for a refund". Which is indeed the case, for some reason they do not give a refund on payment terms of several months... Luckily, i only payed 8.55 for the server, but you might as way pay 30 (read loose) or more, they still wouldn't care.

    So, trust me, do not use ggservers unless you like to get robed lol. There are many other services available for the same price, that are reliable.
  2. Yes, GGServers has extremely bad reputation. Reading some reviews online would have prevented you from going there in the first place ;)

    They are generally known for their extremely unreliable servers you like said.
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  3. latiku


    We've all known this for ages, where have you been?
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  4. One time I rented one small one, and it immediately crashed when I clicked start on Vanilla Minecraft. Never got fixed : (
    Never buy here, ever.
  5. Yes, i should've done some research before buying it... Can only find negative experiences. I hate myself for not doing that. I was actually wondering if we can legally do something about this? I mean they are like literally robbing people...
  6. Don't go with 3rd party hosts... go with reliable quality ones. I use Hivelocity, they are good because they don't advertise as "MINECRAFT HOST Dirt Plan - 5$"
  7. Yeah, that's why you shouldn't go with cheap hostings, unless you've seen honest reviews.

    This doesn't mean look at YouTube videos, because YouTubers will be saying "Go check out MelonCube aka Endermite Hosting, they're only $3 a Gigabyte! Also, make sure to use my referral code!"
    This is because they make money from it, however even though it's only $3/GB, that Gigabyte won't support much, because their machines are extremely slow, and extremely unreliable.

    I ran 75+ plugins on a MCProhosting machine, and even though they're ridiculous on their pricing, it's because the machines they use are top notch quality. I had absolutely no problems on my server, with 75+ plugins, 15 players, while the ram was only 750MB's.

    Compared to MelonCube, the server constantly crashed while using WorldEdit (Along with ASyncWorldEdit properly configured) and only a few other plugins.

    (I am not promoting MCProHosting though, they are ridiculously priced, and wouldn't suggest them to anyone)

    You'd be better off with a OVH VPS SSD for $4.50/Month for 2GB's of ram, or $7.50/Month for $4 GB's of ram
  8. They are also shared hosting machines. Consider that.
  9. All hosting services are "3rd party".. What even is first party in this case?
    All VPS and multicraft hosting is shared.. That is sort of the point of a virtual server.
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