Do NOT Use MinecraftMarket!

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  1. I've addressed this in my replies to several threads before, but I feel this needs to be brought to everyone's attention. If you are considering to use MinecraftMarket, or are currently using it, I HIGHLY advise you look elsewhere. Here's why:

    Customer Support

    On February 15th of 2016 I took the plunge and bought a lifetime premium plan with MinecraftMarket. I immediately noticed that some features available on Buycraft were not offered by MinecraftMarket, and my shop wasn't going to work without them. I pushed forward, though, thinking I could work around it, only to find that other features didn't work and the shop interface was terrible. I spent hours customizing it and still wasn't happy with the way it looked. I contacted MinecraftMarket through their website contact form ( requesting a refund and I never got a response, and over the next couple of months I several additional requests. Not a single one was replied to.

    The only conclusion I can come to from this, from not receiving one reply over the span of two months while others are getting through just fine, is that whoever is running MinecraftMarket is only replying to emails that benefit them. At the very least, they could have responded by saying that they don't give money back.

    I filled out the contact form once more a little less than a week ago and I am still waiting on a response.

    User Interface

    Its very clear that MinecraftMarket copied BuyCraft in just about every possible way. From the website layout, to choice of words themselves, MM continued to give me a Buycraft feel the more I dug into it. Things really start to become obvious when you get to the control panel to create a new item. Both offer nearly the same features, and are in nearly the same order as well.



    Even the new UI that MinecraftMarket is still working on is very similar to what Buycraft recently released:

    When you start to use both of them actively you will start to notice things. I would not trust MinecraftMarket with my money, or with representing my server. If a player has a bad experience while using your shop thats not only money that you may have now lost, but thats a bad image for your server. The players doesn't care who hosts your shop, to them its still your server.

    If you look below you will see many others reporting similar issues, or adding to the list. From fraud, to non existent support, to a buggy plugin that was very slow to update, I can only suggest that everyone takes their MC server seriously and avoids a "cost saving" service that isn't reliable or trustworthy.

    Update: Clarified reason for me requesting a refund, also removed claim that they promised a 2 day response, as I was mistaken.
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  2. Read: someone (stupidly) spent money online but for some reason didn't like it and now wants his money back (for no reason apart from "I don't like it")
    Read: said person wants his money back, but the service goes by the same standard like almost everyone else: if you spend money, don't come ask for a refund if you don't like it
    That statement isn't even true. MinecraftMarkt hasn't changed its UI since 2014 (Snapshot: and never mentioned anything about a 2 day response timme
    Read: the person in question now goes on about how the interfaces are extremely similar, posing it as some kind of disadvantage (???) although the service provided is priced way below the competitioner.

    Honestly, you don't have anything here, apart from you telling us you made a mistake and a few images showing us that MinecraftMarket is similar to Buycraft. (which it is)
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  3. JamesJ


    Just an FYI, MinecraftMarket actually released pictures of their new panel, before Buycraft even said anything about a new panel on their Twitter.
    You should probably check dates and shit before you make such allegations.
    Let alone, all Buycraft is using is a theme.. Which I find pretty ironic, when you're accusing MM of copying, yet Buycraft are the ones copying. From the looks of it, MM are using a custom Material design.
    (, if not, it's incredibly similar..)

    Honestly I don't see any reason not to use MM here, MM is a small business which I personally think is ran a lot better than Buycraft.
    Buycraft is a massive company, who from all I've seen, they only care about the money. Not the actual experience.
    Their prices are insane, and they increase prices massively, then say it's "for new features", yet there are no new features, when questioned, they're coming out "soon" (6 months on, no new features other than a new [awful] panel).
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  4. MM is worth it, they are even better then BuyCraft with the donation panel and features!
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  5. No bungeecord support tho :/

    and not trusted over the years

    That is true tho!
  6. Yes I acknowledge that they don't have bungeecord support but use multiple keys etc would be better if you want to use a rank or a item on a specific server instead of a whole network..

    And if they aren't trusted over the years you have to show a GOOD and PROPER statement that they aren't trustworthy.
  7. Ok.

    1. their OWN uptime; does not work.
    2. In their main panel, they said "Buy Premium Lifetime quickly now before it runs out", it was there for like 8 months, and still counting.
    3. Their plugin had 12 updates, in 3 years of time; and still a lot of things on the "features to be added" list
    4. Support is bad; only since the discord chat it has been meh.
    5. When 1.9 was out, the plugin was spewing out errors; which I also had myself.
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  8. tbh I bought Lifetime awhile back, and it used to duplicate orders (if someone bought something, it would do the order 6 times)
    I am going to test and see if that still happens.
    (someone link me to the new panel too please)
    e: doesn't duplicate orders anymore,
    might make the most of Lifetime plan and actually move there.
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  9. I've used MinecraftMarket for a while now and not had many problems with them. The only problem was the other day when they were down for just over 2 days.
  10. I am currently using MinecraftMarket but am having some problems but I am not giving up yet! :)
    As long as they come out with updates within a month or so then I will stick. If not then bye bye MinecraftMarket.

    The reason why I am so hesitant about switching is because I have at least 30+ packages in my store and to remake those in Buycraft (which I will have to remake all of the text sizes and colors) would be fucking hell.
  11. Buycraft has already addressed this allegation in their own tweet:

    Buycraft tweeted about a new UI before MinecraftMarket, maybe you ought to do some more thorough research before coming on here and accusing me of not doing so.

    Regardless of my reason for wanting a refund, or even my reason for contacting them at all, I really hope that its not the "standard" to just ignore a customer. I have never ever had a company blatantly ignore over 5 emails over the span of 6 months. I even tried contacting the email linked to the paypal and didn't hear a word. I should hope the standard is to at the very least respond by explaining why they won't do a refund. Not ignore me. That is NOT how a business works or earns customers.

    I should also point out that I was requesting a refund because the service didn't. work. Features were buggy, some didn't even work at all, the user-interface of the store and ability to edit it was horrendous, and it simply did not have some of the features that were essential to my shop functioning. They still don't have those features.
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  12. Never said that, it's about the refund, not the response time
    Did you ever contact support about the bugs? The features you wanted? Were the features that were missing listed somewhere? Because it just sounds like you didn't research properly and bought something without knowing what they were offering.
    Missing features (if they are not listed) is not a valid reason for a refund. That's like buying a car without AC and asking a refund because it doesn't have AC, even though you knew in advance it didn't
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  13. As I've already stated I was requesting a refund due to a lot more than "missing features". In my email requesting a refund I mentioned why and they could have responded by saying they will fix the bugs or add what was missnig, but even if they did I was still unimpressed by the shop interface and would have left the service anyway. Your not able to test out the shop customization until you pay for it, so I took the plunge only to be disappointed.

    You can argue about my purchase all you want. The topic of this thread, however, does not depend on whether it was right or not. I'm sharing my experiences, outside of my purchase, to inform other people of why they shouldn't trust MM with their money. You never saw me complain that I didn't get a refund - only that I didn't get a response.
  14. MinecraftMarket is solid.
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  15. My experiences lead me to believe otherwise.
  16. We (server owner and I) had someone malicious get in to our server's account on Minecraft Market and changing the paypal email. They got around $70 from that. We contacted support multiple ways with no response or knowing how they got in. We made the switch to Buycraft and never had any problems like this.
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  17. You're evidently not the correct customer for Minecraft Market, you shouldn't refund something you don't get on with.
  18. I'm refunding something that A) doesn't work B) doesn't offer any support to fix this issue and C) doesn't have the features I need to use it.

    The only customer for MinecraftMarket is someone looking to save a few bucks, and I'm trying to inform them that in for a world of troubles if they try this "cost saving" alternative.
  19. I use buycraft cause I don't know anything else, switch to minecraftmarket cause my dev recommends it. Then I notice they got this 'on maintenance' where I can't upload pictures, for hours. So I log out for 1-2 days and when I am back theirs site is down and there is no placeholder to tell anything duh... people asking why it is down on spigot also not getting swift response so I decides they got at least a poor consumer service, at most unreliable and switch back to buycraft.