Do Not Use This Hosting Provider

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  1. Do not use Pebblehost, I am warning every single one of you. Unless you are broke and picking up money off the sidewalk to pay for your server don't use this hosting provider. They are cheap and not worth it.

    -Their customer service is terrible, they recently changed their terms of service in regards to customer service. When you make a ticket they just apologize that your problem is and I quote. "This problem is exclusive to your server only, we cannot help you". Then they just copy and paste the same answer until you go away.

    -They updated their payment cost without notifying customers. When I first bought a server of their's they offered 7GB RAM at $14 dollars. All of sudden I check my account transactions since I had it set to automatic. Instead it $15.75. I go and look at their website if maybe this was just because I was paying for some added feature. Low and behold I actually wasn't, on the website they updated it to $15.75 as well.

    -Their storage capacity they tell you is unlimited is a lie. As soon as you reach 1500 megabytes storage you server takes 2 hours to load in. Then they go in and delete files randomly to be under that limit.

    They use discord which is nice to talk with the community who uses them.
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  2. 1500 megabytes? that's truly low, my server uses 5 GB without backups and with backups 30 GB (compressed)
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  3. Additionally their "250mbps" uplink is more like 10mbps. Don't pretend you have the capabilities of NASA when it's actually dial-up.
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  4. Hello, I feel there is a few things that are needed to be cleared up here,
    We've not changed our TOS in any way that would effect our level of customer service, Although our support agents will spend time assisting customers with their plugins we don't offer in depth debugging or plugin configuration, Our services are provided to users who are expected to know what they're doing, If you're needing in depth plugin support I personally advise you to look toward other hosts such as Bisect Hosting.

    Around 3 months ago our Premium line was moved to $2.25/GB from $2/GB, Our old Premium clients were kept on the same hardware but their prices halved whilst new orders for our Premium were now at $2.25/GB, If we had mistakenly adjusted your price during our move to Multicraft recently to the new Premium rate please open a ticket on our panel and we can get that adjusted right away for you.

    Our servers by default have no storage capacity, Below I have included a screenshot of just a few servers which are currently using well over 1.5GB of storage space without issue, We would have no reason to randomly go into your server and be deleting files to put you under the limit.

    Upload speeds and download speeds for files are generally limited by the customers end rather than our end moreover when downloading 100's of small files such as playerdata files rather than larger single ZIP files, I have taken a speedtest on one of our nodes and will show the results below:

    Testing download speed................................................................................
    Download: 900.83 Mbit/s
    Testing upload speed................................................................................................
    Upload: 268.48 Mbit/s
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  5. I agree with you completely here. I have had many poor past experiences with the director at pebble host. I'm not fond of him at all, personally, and would suggest never to work with him.

    I was planning on buying a dedicated server from him, and it was all good until I found out that the server I was buying was only at a certain amount of RAM because he counted in if I were to oversell, which is terrible for any host to do, and is very frowned upon. He never looks into what can benefit you, but only what will see a better, yet selfish future in himself.

    After I kindly turned down his offer, he started to get petty about it and decided to trash my host's thread on MC-Market. That just shows how poor someone can act towards others, and what they will do when they don't get their ways.

    I'm sure there are many friendly people working at pebble host, but I would never trust my server being in control of a man who acts like a petty little child.

    @BeAlone Perhaps consider treating those around you with a tad more respect. The world isn't all about you and how you can screw others over.
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  6. Maximvdw


    I mean, what do you expect for ~3$/GB/mo ? A personal assistant that helps you to read your error logs?
    Also do you have any proof of them deleting your server files? Although I never seen a host providing "unlimited storage" without solid terms. I mean, even a start server with WorldBorder generation + DynMap can be 50GB
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  7. WulfHosting is the Best
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  8. Not the first time that I've heard of poor service from PebbleHost. Not all of the staff are bad though, a sysadmin from PebbleHost help me setup proper networking on my Proxmox dedi a while ago, for free, even though I'm not and have never had been a PebbleHost client.

  9. You pay for a budget service, you get budget a budget service. Dont expect to pay anything less than $3.50 (Even then that's stretching it) and expect a quality support to fix all your issues. Most hosts from that price point and lower are more than always unmanaged hosting meaning you must already have knowledge of what you're doing or someone in your team who does to debug your issues. They can really only help it's an actual issue with the server itself (Ram, storage, etc.).
  10. Yes, many hosting provieders are created by users and not companies.
  11. As I've previously stated, Our hosting is provided with the knowledge that you understand how to configure and fix configuration issues and other server related issues, Our agents will provide a level of support toward these kind of issues although as has been said a few times on this thread, If you're wanting a host where its support team will walk you through setting up plugins, configuring plugins and debugging multiple errors etc, we're not the host for you, I suggest you look elsewhere.
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