Do servers on VPS/Dedi use FTP/SFTP for file transfer?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by pinkpig, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Just like the title says. Do servers on a VPS or Dedi server use FTP / SFTP?

    Or do you install something else to connect to the host's VPS/Dedi and just do everything through that software?

    I intend to use pterodactyl panel when I set mine up if that changes things at all.

    Thank you!
  2. Originally, I used FTP (custom software) for copying to/from my VPS, but that was years ago. Now I just do everything using Remote Desktop.
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  3. VPSs/Dedis still use SFTP, not FTP though. FTP shouldn't be used for anything these days, and I'd avoid any service that advocate's it's use, as they are evidently incapable of offering a secure service. Pterodactyl panel is no exception, you'll be using SFTP to connect to it's servers.
  4. Okay thanks.

    As a side note, 99% of Minecraft hosts use FTP. :p In fact, out of the 30 or so hosts I've tried (& many more I've researched), only one actually used SFTP. I wonder if it is required for multicraft or something? Because I don't see why else they would use it.

    But for future use, yeah I will use a VPS/Dedi.
  5. Multicraft comes with FTP by default, I'm not sure if you can use SFTP on Multicraft. To answer your question, any VPS or dedicated server has the ability to transfer files via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). As you can see by the name it's via SSH and every VPS or Dedi uses SSH to connect to it.
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  6. Ahh okay, thanks!
  7. They use FTP because they're too lazy to set up SSH.
  8. What is the difficulty in setting up SSH? It's easier than configuring/installing a FTP server.
    Just activate SSH and sftp is automatically usable. I personally use SCP.
  9. We're on the SFTP side, and almost every other service (except for Minecraft itself, obviously) is tunneled through SSH if we need remote access. The first years after shared hosting providers (not Minecraft specific) started moving towards FTPS, users without much in-depth knowledge complained about certificate errors all the time because of misconfigurations on both sides. It's finally getting better for the last few years.
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  10. Stupid Docker containers.
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  11. Oh well. It's very easy though.
  12. Pterodactyl uses sFTP which is better.
  13. Remote Linux machines are provided with SFTP & SSH by default. Usually, when you install a management panel such as pterodactyl, they have their own authentication and file transfer tools. In the case of pterodactyl, it's SFTP. For multicraft, it's FTP, etc.

    I know a few server owners using remote desktop to manage their servers, but their server often does not go over 100-200 players. They were using windows-server and were generally from far east countries like China or Taiwan.