Do you care?

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  1. Do you guys care about your server or are you just in it for the money.
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  2. I care :)
    The amount of effort I put in daily is more than than that of what anyone could pay me to do.

    Minecraft servers are way more effort than what most people expect

    100$ Per month / (average hours per week: 50 * 4weeks in a month) =
    $0.50 an hour
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  3. Money gets me bitches, so money.
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  4. Good luck getting money because of Verr.
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  5. LOL
  6. But you need to calculate that Most people have fun playing pc and hosting a server. In the most jobs that don'r require you to be an adults and you studying at a university it is just boring work every one can do with an IQ of 10. So basicly if you are in for fun then it's a nice feature to get money for having fun, being creative and enjoying it.
  7. clip


    I do it for the vine.
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  8. I do it for the bitches. Plus everyone thinks I am super cool at school because I own a Minecraft server. They're like, "Wow, you're super cool and awesome because you own a Minecraft server." Then I am like, "Yeah, I know. All the kool kids play Minecraft."
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  9. When you try to be funny . . . xD

    jk <3
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  10. I am funny, maybe just to myself though.
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  11. same.
  12. Mikgreg


    Most definitely. You can tell when a server has people behind it who care -- and it makes the playing experience that much better. I make sure to go on my server often, even if there's nothing I personally feel like playing. The playerbase of my server means a lot to me, and everything I do for my server takes what they've suggested to me in the past into account :) Money is nice, and people should stop demonising people who enjoy money, but my playerbase definitely come first.
  13. latiku


    If I ran a server, all I would care about is the community and what my players think of the server, and will try becoming #1, idc about donations.
  14. I care only about the server coz i put a lot of work into it to make the players happy
  15. I find it very fun to host a server. And the best part is, you can boss people around! :p
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  16. Fact: 93.14% of servers are op-prison where a block of dirt is 96 quintrillion and receives donations somehow and shuts down in 7 days time with a default themed enjin site and ALL made just because the owner couldn't get op anywhere and felt depressed.

    This is just a joke, don't be so butthurt if this applies to you and you're upset.
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  17. Umm do you know the difference between a fact and an opinion? I guess you don't.
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  18. I do it for the money.

    wait hang on... I don't have a server :/
  19. I definitely care! (At least for my server opening soon!)

    I think that at least 50% of the servers out there are just in it for the money, and I hate this. You really can tell when an owner cares. There is a great user base, great playing experience, it's just so much better than the money-based ones.
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  20. Creeoer


    My logic is that you must have a great server if you get ANY money at all.whether you care about the money it's still a great server if you do get money in the first place.