Do you care?

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  1. If you actually give a crap about the server.
  2. Hahahaha, it was a joke and maybe you don't agree with it because you're one of those servers owners secretly agreeing? :p
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  3. Or maybe I am one of those server owners who don't agree but are hiding the fact that they don't agree but really don't. :p No joke, money is nice and all but how much are you really going to get? If you care, that money should be just enough for the server, and if there is extra, you invest in getting more ram or more hosts. People who only care about the money don't go far.
  4. Uh? Find a part of whatever I've said in this discussion that would have formed that response "People who only care about the money don't go far" don't think I've even mentioned something like that, I was just mentioning all of the garbage servers :S.
  5. I like to be the boss, thats everything i need.
    * puts sunglasses on *
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  6. The money, but not in a greedy fashion. Parents don't have money to pay for my college so I'm really in it for the money so I can pay for the university.
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  7. gg
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  8. Im in it to make a server for players to have fun, make friends, possibly make enemies or new challenges, and community. I only require money to run the server =) and make it better, im not in it for the money, im in for the community.
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  9. Im in his boat
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  10. But I mean it really sucks because in order to have a successful server, you need a starting investment and like I don't have that so like 4 of my servers failed. Starting a prison one now. Should work hopefully.
  11. Im in the works of making a rpg server trying to make it different than the rest but its difficult and time consuming. Wish I could use mods instead but people aren't willing to download and install things to join a server :oops:
  12. Resource pack can do magicial things
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  13. Basically :)
  14. I do minecraft server for fun not money
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  15. I do it for Tea, without my Tea I'm a cat in a dark ally way.
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  16. meh, great server and no players. Profit? NO
  17. That's unfortunate. Anything I can do to help?

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Go ahead and shoot me a spigot pm any time if you need anything.

  18. minecraft7net


    mine server are free and it take alot of time every day.
  19. Im still trying to raise playerbase and get donations on my server so it can survive -_- so far not working... working for a client to configure 30+ mobs for him using MythicMobs hopefully getting paid $40 to save my server.
  20. I totally agree with this, I'm also trying to make an innovating rpg server, and everything about it could get tiring if I hadn't any love for the idea I want to create.

    But I also believe you must have a balance between caring and being in it for the money. Because if you want this to be more than a hobby, you have to think a way for you to keep at it without you having to let go latter because of the money you've been loosing. You get my meaning?. Find a way for the server to at least, maintain itself.