Do you care?

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  1. I don't currently own a server, but when I did I was in it to make and manage a large community!
  2. Anyways, fuck you redburn.
  3. ?
  4. Redburn (Owner of Mineous) was a person who I talked to on Skype. We were talking about servers and it just made me upset that he only did it for the money which in this case.. it's true. He really didn't give a shit about his forums, no one was really on it, and it just looked.. basic. After giving a few insults, I decided to stop replying because people don't make servers just for money? (Right?)
  5. Even though my server is down now (It is in development), I cared about the money of course but my main focus was the actual server.

    The amount of time I put in to create the server making sure everything is up to the best it can be, and plugin development ect, was all for the players to enjoy the server and have a good time.

    Obviously I needed the money though to pay for server hosting, advertising, web hosting ect (I never used any of the money my server made for myself)
  6. I cared in the beginning. Lately I've been far too busy with real world things to put to much effort into the server. I still check up on it once in a while and to fix problems and answer the communities questions. Thankfully I have moderators who care and they do a great job.
  7. I hate redburn mainly because our Skyblock spawn was world downloaded and is now in use on Mineous.
  8. My server makes very little money, enough just to keep it ticking over.

    I still love running it though, I don't know, there is just something satisfying about running a server.
  9. He doesn't give a fuck about his server. Just some income.
  10. I think my opinion reaches a lot of others opinions on this matter as well.
    Anyways, Yes as most of us do we care for our servers, but we want to turn them into a business. Some people accuse large server owners for just being in it for the money, when in reality they do care. But, they live off the server and the donations. The players only see the business aspect of the owner, not the caring.
  11. I feel like there's a significant number of people who are in it for the money, but most of the time those servers don't really last because they often lack quality.
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  12. I started my server as an experiment, i wanted to see how people would react to what i could give them. Apparently they really liked it saying that i made 2,000 dollars within the first 20 days. I can say proudly that I was not expecting this result, and i do not intend on continuing for the amount of money i am making. Instead the money will go towards advertisements and upgrades to make my players experiences that much better!