Do you need to confirm your bank account to accept payments through PayPal?

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  1. Hello. Do I need to confirm my bank account in order to accept payments on PayPal? I tried testing the payments out by making a small payment to myself, and the payment is on the "unclaimed" status... I don't really know what to do? And I don't want to link my bank account to PayPal because of my previous experiences with it...
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    is it a new paypal account you sent the money to? it's possibly because the email hasn't been confirmed. you don't need a verified bank to transfer money through paypal.
  3. I'm the seller, and I did confirm the email account but after the payment was made because I thought of the same reason. It still didn't go through, but when I made a new payment, exactly the same, it went through and said "completed" but the money is not showing up on the balance...

    EDIT: May the reason behind this be that the test payment is below 30 cents, because of the transaction fees?
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