Do you own a Server?

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  1. Write your Server in here :)
    I beginn :

    Which type: Network | MiniGames
    Status: In Maintance
    Slots: 100
    Version: 1.8.x
  2. Server-IP:
    Which type: Special Minigames | German | server Radio without mods
    Status: Online ^-^
    Slots: 120
    Version: 1.8.x

    Hope you visit my Server ^0^
    the Server-Website is still in progress.
    We got HideAndSeek, Survivalgames with SPECIAL features, DrawMyThing

    Hopy you like this server and leave my profile a like ;D
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  3. Server-IP: and 2001:41d0:302:2100::ddf
    Which type: HTTP on port 80 and HTTPS on port 443
    Status: Online
    Slots: Unlimited
    Version: All
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  4. Server-IP:
    Which type: Network | Over 40,000 Minigames
    Status: 3.0 Open Release
    Slots: 200
    Version: 1.11.2

    The Network features a "create your own minigames" system that lets a player snap blocks together to create code.
  5. Server-IP:
    Which type: Survival/PVP, Creative with 101x101 plots, 7 custom mob arenas
    Status: Online for over 4 years
    Slots: 45
    Version: 1.8.8
  6. All versions?
  7. yeah my webserver supports all versions of HTTP and HTTPS afaik
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  8. I will broke your SSL

    Back to Thread, ill post this once i'll change domain etc.
  9. Server IP: N/A (Server still being created)
    Which type: Network
    Status: Closed Beta
    Slots: 500 (will be much lower upon release)
    Version: 1.11.2
  10. Server-IP: localhost
    Which type: Factions Server
    Status: Online
    Slots: 9001
    Version: 1.5.2
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  11. I did, but sadly it is no more. RIP Hamletcraft 2k16
  12. Beat me senpai.

    Server Ip:
    Type: Vanilla
    Status: Online
    Slots: 420360
    Version: Pre alpha 1.0
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  13. There weren't servers in Pre alpha 1.0. ;)
  14. doh


    Which type: Development Testing Server
    Status: Online
    Slots: 1
    Version: 1.8.x

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  15. Y'all copied me. ;-;
    Get original please. :p
  16. I think you're slightly confused on what is meant by version (PS: Minecraft doesn't use HTTP for servers)
  17. So you have Alpha 1.0 support? I'll try to join now.
  18. It's my server that runs my website (web server)

    it's not a mine craft server lol
  19. Not really mine.

    Which type: Network
    Status: Closed Beta
    Slots: 2400
    Version 1.8.x - 1.11.2
  20. Via version senpai xD
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