Do you pay your staff?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by r0v3r6, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Why and how?
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  2. I only pay my one Builder and my one Admin because they have to do a lot of work but I do not feel like you have to pay helpers or mods only because they are not having to do a hard job.
  3. Nope. I don't make profit off of my server, I don't see why anyone else should.
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  4. I don't. Probably if they have to do painstaking tasks.
  5. clip


    I pay my staff with love.
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  6. No
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  7. In some servers in China, staffs pay their owners.
    Because they are generally kids and want to have fun as an OP.
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  8. LOL, I saw that on most servers (you have to be donator or something in order to apply for staff)... but I'm still curious how others do it ;)
  9. Also I consider in a lot of servers, owners invite their friends to be staff. In this case nobody is paying...
  10. And I totally forgot to share my approach, here is what I do:
    1. I invite "experienced players" and ask them to apply for "plainclothes" rank, those people have access to ban and kicks. This job is reserved for emergency cases only, so they are not actually staff.
    2. "Plainclothes" are allowed to apply for the actual staff, and I warned them being a staff would have a counter effect of less fun, more responsibility and more pressure. I am willing to pay them, but they never accept my payment.
    3. Top-tiered staffs are selected by myself among my friends. They have full OP and console access, and I do not pay them. However I will invite them out for dinner.
  11. I know some owners dose not pay their staff but orders a box pizza for the best staff member of the month.
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  12. Yeah I just pay my staff in love, make sure they're having fun while being staff, and then show my appreciation in pizza sometimes.
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  13. trkey


    Yes, as I wouldn't be making what I'm making without them.
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  14. Nope. I don't make any profit, I hardly make enough to repay the bills for the next month - sad times.
  15. I bought them Steam games for Christmas! :)
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  16. Now that is a damn good owner. Steam games are for the real master race.
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  17. MikeA

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    I haven't in a while now, but in the past I've given out Amazon Gift cards ($20-40) to some of my (now previous) staff members, and I think I will do something soon for the active ones now. I offer to buy them things if they need something once in a while (Headsets, etc.); They are the ones that deal with players more than me most of the time, so they deserve something.

    I don't make much money from my server, it's been running for over four years, but I don't put the amount of effort into it that I did two-three years ago. I focus more towards the community and players.
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  18. When I used to have good staff I would buy them optifine caps, ranks and sometimes just sent them around $20 randomly if I see them really putting in work (Notice this was for admins+)
  19. Nope, I don't have any sort of "donation" system; I don't make any sort of profit, soo I couldn't pay my staff if I wanted to. :p However, if I choose a person to become a staff member (I don't have any application system. I keep an eye on the community and when I feel like someone has been a great overall player and could be a potentially good moderator, I bring it up with the rest of my current staff. If we agree that he or she is a good fit, I will ask him or her if they would like to join the staff team), it's entirely voluntary so.. even though I love my staff and greatly appreciate the m, I don't "pay" them. ._.
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  20. C19


    On a server that I used to administrate, I was being paid 5% of what the community owners were making, worked out pretty good.
    Though, they would only pay the Administrators + Developers and nothing below.