Do you prefer Unique or Typical servers?

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Unique or Typical?

  1. Unique

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  2. Typical

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  3. Depends on the game mode.

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  4. Other (Comments)

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  1. Do you prefer unique or typical/traditional servers?

    Unique: Servers with features that you do not see else where, or at least very rarely.
    Typical: Servers with features that you will find on the majority of other servers of the same gamemode.
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  2. Hi complicated to answer here is my opinion, I prefer the servers with news its allows you to see something that changes from the ordinary and changes what we see. After the simple servers are often very well developed by their simplicity. But I prefer rather the novelties is what makes you unique: D evalute my message please :D
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  3. It clearly depends on the game mode. I like classic mini games servers but at the same time I really enjoy playing on one with a unique game mode from time to time.
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  4. Unique. There are thousands of survival servers, thousands of skyblock servers, thousands of servers with the same minigames, and so on. Why should I play on some random dude’s minigame server when I can just go on Mineplex or Hypixel? Give me somethin’ unique; somethin’ special, and I’ll be there! :coffee:

    that’s why i’m working on a really unique server just sayin’
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  5. I really enjoy playing classic gamemodes like BedWars, but if a server has a new innovative gamemode and I like this new gamemode, then definetly unique. It really depends on the server your playing on
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  6. Definitely unique servers, you can experience something new instead of always doing the same thing, with different communities as a variety...
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  7. foncused

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    It is interesting though that the servers offering all the typical gamemodes are the most populated across the board.

    I think uniqueness is important so long as it can be accomplished without introducing too much complexity - simple/easy to learn/play and not offered anywhere else (and not easily replicated).
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  8. That is indeed interesting... I guess that most of them are big because they got promotion by influencers etc and/or (re-)invented these gamemodes. Unique servers are often not made for many players because they're much more complex than typical servers, so they don't get that many players. A really odd phenomenon :)
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  9. well its okay if a server is typical but the gamemode itself is unique / different from other servers
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  10. Unique Servers. You're getting more experience and more fun to play in my opinion
  11. I believe unique servers are fun. However, typical servers with a unique twist can also be fun! So... it's hard to generally define which one I prefer...
  12. I prefer Servers who may use typical Plugins but combine them very well in a manner that doesn't require me to go through 30 minute tutorials to even grasp the concept.
  13. Unique! I think Wynncraft has done one of the most incredible jobs of standing out because of this x)
  14. The "typical" mc server market is oversaturated imo, I'd rather play a unique concept / gamemode like LyraMC and WynnCraft
  15. Uneque Servers are always better. They are more :)
  16. I prefer unique servers. I get very bored on servers that give you what thousands of other servers provide
  17. I like original servers with a bit of a twist, just to make it stand out from the competition although I'll still know what I'm doing and not have to go through hours trying to figure out how to play the game.
  18. I prefer unique servers, the same servers bored me
  19. It depends on the game mode, for survival servers, it has to be unique for me. What's the point of playing here than any other server? For Skyblock servers, it's cool to have a twist involved. Minigames servers are almost always unique in some way aswell.