Do you recommend this plugin?

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  1. Hi! This is random but I was wondering if you recommend this plugin.

    It's an Anti-Xray plugin (1.15). I need your opinion because I have heard these kind of plugins cause problems / glitches also for fair players. Please leave your opinion, thanks! ;)
  2. Yep, it's good. I've used it before, it hides ores that are not exposed to air, that way you're able to combat x-ray.
  3. Hi there really is no plugin that can work properly
    you can use texture pack with xray
  4. Nope, it works. If you want a bullet proof solution, use Orebfuscator.
  5. Hi, they can block but most of the time it is resource intensive, be careful: D
  6. Thank you! I think I will use what you recommend
  7. The plugin you listed is apparently resource-intensive / laggy. I know someone who has had problems with it with bad hardware. XRaying should be avoidable when you have active staff.
  8. In my experience that's not a problem. I even used Orebfuscator successfully when I was home hosting on a 2.8 GHz i7 from 2010.
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  9. In order of effectiveness:
    Orebfuscator – 100% blocks all kinds of x-ray, but it’s outdated (I’m not sure if it works in 1.15.2) and is extremely heavy on the server, causing major TPS lag.
    2a. PaperMC anti-xray feature (in paper.yml): engine 2 – Pretty much the same thing as Anti-Xray (2b), but it’s better since you don’t need a plugin. Resource-intensive but not as heavy as Orebfuscator.
    2b. Anti-Xray – Best alternative for Orebfuscator for 1.14.X–1.15.X. Not as resource-intensive as Orebfuscator but still prevents x-rays almost as well as Orebfuscator. However, it can still be a significant load on the server.
    3. PaperMC anti-xray feature (in paper.yml): engine 1 – Not as effective as any of the above options but is very light on the server. Effective at preventing x-rays but can be bypassed. However, it’s unlikely to cause any noticeable lag.
    4. Anti X-Ray – Not to be confused with Anti-Xray (2b). Does nothing to prevent x-raying itself. Instead, it keeps track of how many rare ores (diamond ore and emerald ore; can be configured to add any other ore or block) each player mines. If a player mines an unnaturally large number of rare ores in a short period of time, they’re forced to wait a configurable period of time before they can mine the configured blocks again. By default, it’s relatively lenient, so it won’t affect legitimate players. Since this does nothing to prevent x-raying itself, it causes no lag and is the best performning plugin out of all of the plugins on this list.

    I recommend using #3 (PaperMC’s anti-xray set to engine 1) along with Anti X-Ray for the best balance between preventing x-ray and having good performance on your server.
  10. I'm talking about the one he is talking about in his original post.
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  11. You can get Orebfuscator for 1.15.1 / 1.15.2 here -

    I notice very little impact on the server (granted, I have a very small server) and no TPS lag.
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  12. It might be fine on a small server, but it’s very resource-intensive as it has to send new data to fake lots of ore blocks to each client connected to the server. I don’t recommend it on a big server. I owned a server in the past where I used this plugin, and even though the server didn’t have a huge amount of players, it did cause significant lag that disappeared when I removed Orebfuscator. It’s a great and very well-made plugin, but it is quite heavy on the server.