Do you think it is possible to find a Developer that can work for free/experience?

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  1. I used to work with a talented developer but refused payment because he simply didn't need it. I was wondering if it is possible to find a developer like that. If I can find a developer like that we can possibly create a custom server like Legend of Zelda e.t.c
  2. Yes, by learning how to code and being a developer yourself.
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  3. There are developers that develop for free if there is a chance that they get paid a big amount of money the next day. But most likely you will not find one.
  4. I don't agree with babo and Nik.

    I've found a developer who works with me for free now, develops plugins just for fun. He found me just from joining my server.

    You need to be careful with those people though, and interview them thoroughly.

    If they send you a jar you should check the plugin.yml to see if it's a simple opme plugin and catch them straight away. But definitely, post on minecraft discords, mc-market, spigot, everywhere you can find and you will find a developer doing it for fun. It's not impossible.
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  5. public void definitelyNotAOpMePlugin(){

    for(Player all: bukkit.getOnlinePlayers(){



    public void onEnable(){



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  6. GC.


    The problem is quite simple - if you cannot afford to pay for a developer, order custom plugins. If that is off the table as well, then the underlying cause must be that (assuming you already have a server) incoming is close to none and you're not willing to invest real money into this, which means the chance of succeeding is slim to none. If you're not likely to succeed, which chances say that you most likely will not, why should a person at the end of the day waste their precious time work pointlessly if his work will not be enjoyed and experienced by a lot of people, there are no advantages to doing such work apart from "experience", which can be gained in a different way (e.g.: posting a plugin on spigot for free and maintaining it), this means there's a chance for a plugin to expand and reach more people, which means that actually making a plugin like this makes more sense vs working free for you.
  7. That is what I was trying to say. I myself had an exact same scenario as you do. A player joined, loved the server and he just developed for it. But the risks that come with it far outweigh the benefits gained. If you can manage checking the source every time you have something developed, it's all good.

    Either way, if you learn to code yourself, it's more beneficial regardless of how you look at it.
  8. Sure, you could find one. But in most cases you get what you pay for.
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  9. ... or don't pay for.

    But MrD is right, people might do it for free, but those people are generally going to be Java newbies, and well.... all of us Java people were newbies at one point, and we all look back on our code and think "OMG what the $%#& was I thinking?!?!"

    Sure, there may be a chance you get a really good "free" java dev, but its a low chance.
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  10. MiniDigger


    I work for beer, does that count?

    (I only work for projects I like tho)
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  11. So many replies. Lmao
  12. There probably is a talented developer, that would like to work for free for you, but it is very hard to find those
  13. If you have a large server, chances are someone will develop for you in exchange for a rank or similar.
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  14. if you find a non-busy developer that's possible, but note that developer skills are highly wanted by many servers, so they usually are very busy ones
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  15. Strahan


    Checking plugin.yml will not tell you anything that will determine if it's a malicious plugin, unless the developer is such a moron as to actually make the commands like /crashserver, /forceop, etc lol
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  16. Hi, be careful, possibly that person steals your project
  17. Or you do it like @MrDienns. Offer experience with cool and new technologies. How many people are investing development time for dyescape?
  18. Developers? Three. One is slightly inactive, but played his part. Me and Mini are the others. But yeah to be frank, we are something unique, something new, so there are people interested in providing their time. You interested too? I have work for you soon ;)

    To be honest though, not an option for most people.
  19. MiniDigger


    And we have beer!

    And who wouldn't want to work for a server where the amount of total discord users is higher that the unique joined users of the actual server? :ROFLMAO:
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  20. Beer is "yuk yuk".

    I work for community gratification.