Do you think the release of Hytale will ressolve in Minecraft‘s „death“

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Will Hytale remove Minecraft?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. As many people may have notice, Hytale‘s release has been moved. But what do you think. When many people thought, that it will be released soon, that was around beginning of January, they said, that it is going to be the new minecraft. Do you think this is still going to happen?
  2. Minecraft has too much influence and reputation to simply disappear. Also, the genre of Hytale seems to be more in the direction of action-openworld RPG, if I am correct. I just don't think so :)
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  3. Clearer than I thought it would be. Any way. Thanks to everybody who voted. I’ve got a great impression now.
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  4. foncused

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    Not even close in my mind (summed up well by @Seliba above).
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