Do you wait 1.13?

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  1. mmm dolphins bro!!
  2. It is not a classic survival server, we are doing an RPG server and it requires a lot of functions, but due to incoming of 1.13 we are trying to reduce the number of plugins via Skript
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  3. You lost me at Skript.

    Spend an extra buck or two and get it coded in Java; therefore if Skript breaks in 1.13 everything else wont depend on it.
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    uuhm, thats really contra productive as you will face a lot of performance penalties for that choice depending on the task of the plugins you are replacing.
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  5. At 70 plugins we dont really have a problems with server performance as you look into it from the plugins side. What is causing a little server problems are a massive number of tile-entities loaded in the main world, when are a lot of players online. For now we have in skript only things like Help GUI, Custom Commands and Chat reaction.

    I dont have a problem spending a money for a good dev, the problem is that a lot of devs, that I know are non-trusting people (not offending anybody here).
  6. And a lot of devs ARE very trustworthy. A quick look through the offering section can help you see who is reputable and vouched for and who isn’t.
  7. Of course, that they ARE also trustworthy devs, but i have described you the problem with plugins in PM ;) I dont want to show publicly all our plugins.
  8. I just freaking hope there will come a freaking way to stop those 1.8 pvp kiddies from staying on those darnit old versions!
  9. It wont. Beacause the "jitter-click" pvp is their key to win! :D And they all want to be winners.
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    eh, if developers stoppped supporting the version then many servers would either be forced to use outdated plugins, or update to get newer features, hell i'm personally not going to support anything less than 1.13 once it releases
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  11. Yes me 2. But I hate that the most of the popularity is freaking annoying as servers with super cool gamemodes to not get the public attention they deserve because those kids can only spam click freaking noobs. They need to actually learn how to play and I think 1.9 is way better because it involves strategy
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  12. Item frames are now placeable on top&bottom side of block so.. (with plugin)you could have the player ride invisible entity to get wasd controls, surround him with maps in item frames, create a game similar to some existing game, render it on maps and have the player play it..
    (Bonus could be: support packet protocol of the said game so the player would be able to play on original servers)
    For example:

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  13. swimming new function so better with dead bodies on the ground XD.


    as a newcomer for myself, I'm trying built reputation on spigot. if you feel like having free stuff I'm up for programming or helping to convert things into Java and you can have the source code with it. pm me or add me on discord ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ ᔕᓏᘢᒷ#3650.
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  14. 1.13 is a good version.
  15. If it is private then the dev can make it private. It’s not like that guy who you hire to make a plugin can steal your idea anyway.
  16. wot dat mean tho?
  17. I am really looking forward to it! Got lots of ideas for plugins that include the new swimming mechanics
  18. Obv I like the ocean features but I'm very curious about technical features
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    The current technical aspects in 1.13 are amazing, assuming you're talking about technical Minecraft gameplay. The Bukkit API features/additions should hopefully be excellent as well
  20. The team are working hard as far as I can see. I hope it’s go well