Do you want my oitc plugin to be like Mineplex or HiveMC

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Do you want my oitc plugin to be like Minep*ex or Hive**

  1. Minp*ex

    29 vote(s)
  2. Hive**

    29 vote(s)
  3. I want both

    43 vote(s)
  4. Or just give me an idea to make it

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  1. Hi i see my plugin has made a lot of downloads so i have an idea do you want to make them like Minep*ex or Hive** just vote and i will see or if you want them to add both just vote (I want both)

  2. I'd say both. More like Mineplex though, with a twist of The Hive.
  3. Hypixel Style! :)
  4. Is hypixel have OITC?
  5. nope not have, but hypixel style...
    Code (Text):
    &fMap: &atest
    &fPlayers: &a12
    &fTop Kills:
    Player1 - 5 Kills
    Player2 - 3 Kills
    Player3 - 1 Kills
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    Just curious, why are there two asterisks in Hive and one in Mineplex? Why not just write out their names?
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  7. I believe it's called Bounty Hunters in the Arcade lobby
  8. I would say maybe make it like Mineplex, just because I'm working on an OITC plugin similar to the HiveMC OITC and I'm going to release it here in SpigotMC :D but I would say make it more unique like maybe add more features. I don't have any ideas in my mind. :(
  9. Choco


    Why is there no "neither" option? Be creative... don't copy off of other servers. Do your own thing and make your own style.
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  10. that's should be an option i will add it
  11. i think if i write they will give me a warning but is it allowed to use it on forums?
  12. i'm not copying like them look like SpeedBuilders and TheLab etc.. they are copying the same, i'm like making a new plugin
  13. Choco


    They're putting unique twists on their games and making it their own. What I mean is, there shouldn't be any need to compare your style to that of Mineplex, Hypixel, HiveMC, or any other server with a large player base. Do your own thing and be successful without having to worry about other servers :) Also, using server names on the forums is not against the rules. Using them to promote your resource, (i.e. "... Like Hypixel!") is not permitted
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  14. i know i will add my twists i'm not copying like them but like the system not all of it :)
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  15. My Opinion is Why Not Use Your Own Style like scoreboard or something else but a same Gameplay *Gameplay style maybe
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  16. wasn't the choice lol
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  17. Do a bunch of variations that can be enabled or disabled in the config... problem solved :)
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  18. I mean the both like on one plugin for example
    In config there is mineplex option or hivemc
    Make-plugin: HiveMC
    Make-plugin: Mineplex