Docker and Kubernetes

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Are you interested in an awesome list for spigotmc and containerization

  1. Sounds interesting, let's get it done!

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  2. Nah, only a lazy sysadmin is a good sysadmin

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  1. Hey all,
    it seems like docker and kubernetes getting more and more attention / gaining importance
    So I would be interested in creating a collection of usefull tools and software to deal with containerization and management. Similar to the awesome lists on github but specialized for spigotmc If this allready exists please send me a link otherwise I would be really interested in what you think about this topic.
  2. I've been getting into Docker and Kubernetes more and more lately. I have yet to see any public images for running spigot servers and whatnot. Almost makes me want to write up a dockerfile to write an image to spin up a Spigot server.
  3. I'm currently working on moving my entire infrastructure to Kubernetes. Should've done that way sooner, it's so fantastic. The only thing not on Kubernetes now (which will be done in a few months) is Minecraft due to the limited hardware available for OVH managed Kubernetes service. Other than that, I run absolutely everything on it. I'm doing some security improvements now so I can actually move over things like my forums and MC control panel, but things like Grafana, Kibana, Elastic Search, InfluxDB, MongoDB, MySQL, etc etc etc all runs on it already (just not anything that has production or personal data).

    You should make your Docker images use memory allocations (in your java command) based on an environment variable. Right now they're hard coded to 6GB. Should be over writable with an environment variable.
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  4. thanks for your feedback, I will take a look into env vars in docker, Im normally using docker just for small projects and not quite often but I think for gameserver management and also minigames in minecraft it would be nice, so lobby servers for example getting just started as needed and going down if nobody is online so bigger networks can save money
  5. I just had to think about this project that I found recently;

    Looks very interesting. I will probably investigate that project further to see how well it can be used in something like Minecraft. Perhaps it's something you can add to your list to keep an eye on.
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  6. Looks interesting of course, since its used by ubisoft it should work quite well